🏅 [June 30, 2019] 11th Raid Tournament! — 5* Bloody Battle, No Ice/Blue

5 best cards autopopulated I would say is a possibility as well.


What is the continued man love the developers have for gravemaker. Too overpowered to begin with and now you continue to have a tournament that eliminates healing and blue heroes. There is no way you kill gravemaker off before he gets at least 1 but most likely 2 specials off and its game over. And with all these overspenders who have 2 leveled gravemakers it’s just a blood bath. Come on SG. At least stop eliminating blue stacking and give others who didnt spend 100s to get gravemaker a chance…jeez…


Totally looks like tournament rules are generated randomly

First random / select one of the following:
Bloody Battle ; Rush Attack ; Buff Booster

Second random / select one of the following:
3* Heroes max ; 4* Heroes max ; 5* Heroes max

Third random / select one of the following:
No blues ; No reds ; No greens ; No yellow ; No purple ; Every colour allowed

I don’t think SG is manually selecting the rules.


Not sure if this is a bug or the way the raid tourney is intended to work but my raid defense log is not showing an attack from one or more players. It is just by coincidence that the attacker recognized my name and started chatting with me. I looked up my defense log and could not find the entry. I understand that only 1 in 5 attacks will count towards the score once my defense has seen “enough” action on a particular day, but I assumed that I would see a log of all my action.

Here’s the attacker’s raid log:

And this is mine:

Or he’s living up to his name and being a nice guy for you.

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That’s a logical assumption, but oddly not how it works.

The Log only shows the attacks that count toward your Defense Grade, which is the first 5 of the day, and then the first each hour thereafter.

I think they are always no blue for this…at least it seems like it has been. Maybe I’m wrong…or maybe it just keeps randomly selecting blue?

I am participating of the tournament and may very well be the last time I do.

I am spending more materials preparing heroes to meet the criteria than what I get in the loot.

Still waiting SGG to make loot what it was at the beginning.

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Uhhhh!!! With his other crazy specials, I still dont want to meet you in battle lol I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

I was thinkimg the same thing lol I loose a lot trying to play. But its so fun. I need more self control with this game.

Lol I was thinking the same thing.

TFW you start making hits before you really get focused on the task at hand and trot out Melendor, Sabina, AND, Rigard on your attack team… in a bloody battle tournament! :man_facepalming:

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Possibly they joined tournament and forgot to set up their defense.

Same happened to me a couple of tournaments ago for 4* buff rules. Joined, got busy and by the time I logged in, my highest qualified TP heroes were set as my defense. Was sad because only one buffer and I had same color heroes next to each other.


My last opponent has put a Sabina in the corner. Well thank you for the win. Might have lost it otherwise :grinning:

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Atk: 4-1; Def: 1-2 33% D

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Day 1
Attack 2:3
Defence 1:6 E grade
Evelyn+6, Zimkitka+7, Queen of Hearts, Khiona+7, Poseidon+7

I still can’t believe that this defense got A on first day… 2 - 1…

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first day wins 5/5.
today lose 4/4. i’ve 7 heroes 5*. lower troops.but what appens today?
my opponents are very strong. all emblemed. troops lv. +20.
this is what i expect the last day.
orrible tournament. no funny with this

First day wins (attack): 5/5
Defensive team:

Defensive wins: 6/7

So far so good


YeYes… teo gravemaker can help… haha

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