June 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Tower Of Magic, Summer Solstice, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Mirages Of Omega, Tavern Of Legends, Challenge Festival, Mythic Titan, Legends Of Kalevale, Underwild, Atlantis, and Clash Of Knights)

@Zartanis Just wondering, is there a pattern to S3 featured heroes? I noticed you had the featured heroes listed on your calendar prior to VH and now we know it’s right

I know S2 featured heroes followed a pattern but I didn’t know if S3 had one. Is there a list for it?

hey @Warrior21, yes there was a pattern with S3, but with new costumes coming for July, I think that rotation will be rearranged again. The same thing happened with S2 once costumes were released, the rotation changed and with one more new hero due to come at the end of the month, we’ll be tracking the new pattern for both S2 and S3. We referenced @jinbatsu doc often for this info.


Thank you so much for your calendar work! These are fantastic :slight_smile:


Kalevala end date was on Sunday, and I have notified Petri about it, and now it is fixed by him.

@Zartanis you can update the OP with SG’s official calendar update if you want:


@Zartanis @VeryQuietly will there be a blue aether for passing the legend of Kalevala?

@G.allin.A Yes, as you can see it here.


Updated SGG’s and @VeryQuietly’s calendars in the OP.


So, it appears that Season 5 will be in week 3 now and challenge events/festivals will be in week 4. Based on the timer for Province 10 of S5, its at 26 days, at the time of this. Does anyone know if these changes will be permanent or temporary?

The next S5 is expected 4 weeks after the current one one based on Version 49 release announcement.


It is not the week of the month anymore. It is a 4 week rotation and since every 3 months there is a 5th week it will rotate within the month.

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You are all getting closer on grasping the elusive S4 featured heroes cycle!

The colour prediction was correct for all three heroes, but only 1 hero was predicted out of three. :slight_smile:

Maybe for July portal predict just blank colours/ elements? :smiley:

Really hoping for Xnol next month

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When’s the last time Xnolphod was featured? It feels like Xnolphod was last featured 6 months ago, while Elizabeth and Phileas Fogg were featured two or three months ago.

December was last time he was featured.

July seems a good time he is featured again :

I hope for a combination of : Xnolphod, Zeekena, Zenobia, Hulda :slight_smile:

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@Zartanis Is there a July 2022 calendar ?

@Petri can you tell us, when will Staff release the official SG calendar for July ?

If the image version is not ready yet, and it needs more work, then releasing just the text version first would be also helpful for the Calendar creators here as they can finalize their calendars here.

Thanks in advance.