June 2022 Calendar? Any sightings?

Hopefully Petri will release the June calendar shortly.


Playing for the Planet is an existing UN Climate Change thing. Take Two have presumably signed up.

Can’t imagine what it would mean in E&P, unless it is gem deals with a % of funds going towards climate projects or something - which some poeple would like and others would hate I guess. The timing with the Solstice Summon makes me wonder if it’s something like that, assuming it happens on 3-6 June as originally flagged.

I’m working on the assumption it’s nothing interesting at all gamewise, and best to be ignored…and if there’s anything good in it that’s a bonus. Expecting fun new game mechanics or features is very likely to lead to disappointment.


Sounds like a multi tiered offer extravanganza running 3 days.

Spend some to help yourself and Planet Earth. Heh heh


Any idea why we’re having the solstice summon almost 3 weeks before the actual solstice happens??
Is it really just to hinder the summons for pov?


Same with the Magic Tower. The tower will end just before the next PoV starts… :roll_eyes:

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That event in the Game is now officially cancelled or at least postponed.


… and here is the official calendar from SG


Hmmm … one of my other games is participating in that movement (?). When I find out more, I will post.

Right now I have the impression that it’s a fund raiser of sorts for planet conservation.

Thanks, Small Giant, for the fundraiser for me to summon more 5* Legendary.

hahahahahahahahaha… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  • Challenge Event and Season V are switching positions

Interesting I have a feeling they we were afraid too many people would hold off with their pulls in the Summer Soltice portal tomorrow knowing very well it does not contain any costumes and the Challenge Event on the 9th would (just 3 days after) would have had the very desired BK,Rumpel and Panther costume.

So now the Challenge event is 10 days after the Summer Soltice, maybe enough time in between to capture some of the cashers again that otherwise would have skipped one of the portals as it would have meant too much $$$ in short period of time.


“Playing for the Planet” where is that and why don’t they say something about it?


June 2022 player guide

Thanks very much for this

Best thread 2k22. And we still have May!

Be patient, it’s coming. SGG just published their official calendar. I am sure @Zartanis is working on his calendar (he already made a draft version prior to the official calendar announcement) and building up the forum thread.


More info on the global initiative Playing For The Planet can be found at https://playing4theplanet.org/

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Officially? Where is the announcement? I did not see any announcement stating that.
Just because it’s not shown on their calendar announcement does not mean it’s cancelled or postponed.
They don’t give PoV’s dates on their announcement, yet it’s still going.
They even updated the dates for “Playing for the Planet” on the v48 release notes. I don’t see them cancelling it.
It could just be a simple in-game thing to raise awareness with no playable content nor summon portal (especially that according to the latest given dates, it’s already during the summer solstice summoning event, and nothing was tested in beta so I expect a simple thing).

It was scheduled to this week, but we do not see it on the Offiicial SG calendar.

Omission does not mean cancellation IMO but I agree the situation is up to debate.
We will see on Friday the 3rd of June if anything happens or maybe @Petri would mind to enlighten us beforehand?


ooof now that’s something, two seasonal events very close together, and it feels like the easter seasonal event was only last week … i’m going to bet there’ll be a few more ‘new’ month long events added in the future, in addition to the existing ones! SG really has lost the plot with the aggressive monetisation, even i have to admit this!

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