June 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

Nerf Khufu ! Quickly !

I don’t like post release Nerfs… But khufu is crazy. For a win… It used to be a race to nine tiles… Now i might die even getting 9 tiles.

It is ok, the sheep will pay for it bc that is why google invested 100 to 200 million in zynga bc Google knows people have gambling problems. It is a perfect scam bc the game has no end and is infinite. If they actually cared they would update new building areas to pull Season 2 3 or 4 from a Training Center. You will continue to hit only season 1 heros bc they designed it that way. All you can do is stop spending. Not saying you specfically but in general. It is crazy how bad some teams WORSHIP this game… they think strats actually matter lmao. Game is pre-determined and all season 1 2 and 3 heros need buffed.

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costumed Sabina eluded me!
But I maxed Chakki in between, he can prevent stoneskin like cost. Sabina. Now working on a magic troop ( its lvl11 now) to ger him effectively into the average region.

Hapoy gaming

Are we going to have July balance patch?

It’s now 1 August. Guess not.

Maybe there will be an August balance patch once everyone is back from vacation.


Serious, khufu need to change now. With defence in play he kills team in one blow

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Serious, you must rethink your play style and what you use against him.

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Maybe consider sif or bennu… Azmia… Over healers…

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Dodgers, taunters, heroes that blind. there’s plenty of ways to better your chances

Funny, SG talkes about Balance :joy:
Every new hero brings the game more out of balance.
I send you a link to a good book regarding balance, did you read it @Petri @Staff_SGG ?

We are obviously being pushed to pull for the new heroes… So you just gotta pull until you get the best of every portal… Then… Like Mr myagi said… You will have balance.