JUNE 2020 CALENDAR (Path of valor III, Atlantis, Guardians of Teltoc, The masquerade, Tavern of Legends, Sand Empire, Valhalla, rare quests, trials) -tentative-

I would like to step in set the record straight and give credit where credit is due.

@Jamir created a calendar which he published on the forums here first. Further in the thread you will see where an alliance mate shared my version of the calendar and also where I had stated.

So he should not be accused of copying or stealing other anything of the sort.

For the record I find Jamir’s calendar visually stunning and impeccably creative. And I hope he and others that create calendars continue to share them.

Also, I’m asking all forums members to use his and any other calendar posted for this month as mine will be delayed in posting intentionally.

I personally feel I need a sabbatical from the forums and all the negativity here in at the moment.

I’m tagging the following people I have come to work closely and the mod team with in regards to my statement above.
@zephyr1 @Oggiez @Aquaginera_7DD @Lumi @Sarthin @Rook @Guvnor @DaveCozy @JonahTheBard (forgive me if I left anyone out, I’m limited to 10 tags).

I hope you will understand and allow me a bit of personal space. Thanks in advance.