🏅 [June 2, 2019] 7th Raid Tournament! — 5* Rush Attack, No Ice/Blue

I will be hiding behind the fattest Ares squatting right on center:


Cleanse or burn…


Rigard? Better flank then justice?

Substantial healing at Very Fast is extremely powerful, so sturdy healers in tank or flank positions will tend to do well in Rush Attack.

That was probably @Olmor’s thinking.

I like it …seems like it should go well with that team

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Yes… even thou i like justice blindness hammering agaun and again…

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We have updated the Raid Tournament Change Log:

  • Raid Tournaments are now 5 days long instead of 4 (read more here)
  • Increased rewards
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One loss today, couldn’t break the justice tank :smile: let’s see if that defense holds.


Ares tank is the one to have in this one, good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Azlar is king in this tourney, as tank in defense, he will repeatedly bun the enemies and renew the DOT even before cleansers could activate.

Ares tank and lost all defenses as of this moment at 0-4.

Raids W4 - L1

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2 won 3 lost :frowning: Two times I did not fill mana on any of my heroeses


I’m happy we are having a 5* rush battle so that I could look forward to the next week’s taurnament.

Defense is on 2W 0L so far

But 2 losses in offense already, especially my very first battle was horrible against this team:

Hope for less MN in the upcoming teams…

I’m really enjoying the battle conditions, really mixes the gameplay up.

It’s also affected who I’m levelling. After eating a few Gunnars due to his slow mana 3* status I’ve now kept one to level for the 3* fast raid tournaments.

And now I’m thinking of levelling up my Guardian Owl to go with my Quintus in a fast mana boosted tourney like this one. If they’re the last 2 on the team to survive and their specials go off it could be pretty nuclear haha

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i wasnt attacked so far.

my input on this raidT:

  • getting attacked by same 5 x strongest heroes players > this means that i will have to be attacked by the same typology of player; in my case, by f2p who played for around 6-12 months (i dont think there are so many) - so I expect to be attacked under a half of dozen and win most of times; p2p/c2p will have plenty of attacks :stuck_out_tongue:

so @Petri , in the long run f2p players with tc20 built seem to be disadvantaged… i reckon…

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Santa is a tough tank.

Azlar and Colen at very fast with no blue is rough, two losses to teams with those tanks and scored 0 points. Not sure I’ve ever scored 0 points!


This tourney shows what I have not being doing right, neglecting some slow mana heroes, now I need to work on them :frowning:. Horghall, Khagan even Ulmer… etc

I lost twice out of two times… this tournament will end fast for me

I cant xo anything with bad boards and defence fast mana…

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