June 18 Update

I was going to report to Support that I was having issues with chat not working after I updated the game.

However, each time to go into the link to report a bug with the system that @Rook usually posts on the Bugs & Issues Board. The link says I am not signed in and my account isn’t a recognizable account. And then it asks if I would like to create one.

If I don’t have an account with SGG how am I actually posting on here or playing in E&P?

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Do you have a Google play account or else?

Is it the same browser? Maybe the game opens another browser app and you’re not signed in there…

I gave a Google Play account.


If you go to the usual Support link, it should take you to an FAQ article, at the bottom of which is a blue link (“Submit a Request”). Folks can post bugs on the Forum, or submit a request directly to SG.

If you are still having issues, let me know.

So are you signed in? If so it is really a bug. If not try to sign in first and try again to report.

I can play the game, I can post here on the Forums and when I try signing into Support it says my account doesn’t exist.

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