🏅 [June 16, 2019] 9th Raid Tournament! — 4* Buff Booster, No Ice/Blue

Boosts from Boldtusk and Wilbur. I definitely would use the middle three if I had them maxed. Falcon is my current project. Scarlett is at 3/60.

Where do you stand on emblems on 4* over 5*? Mine have almost all been going to 5* heroes…

I got top 1% last time without any emblems.

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I took Vivica, Evelyn, and Thoth-Amun to +4, and then decided I’m not using Emblems on any 5* anymore.

I’m planning to go to +18 on at least 2-3 4* or maybe 3* in each Class before revisiting whether I’ll use any on 5*.

Emblems are so rare. I’ve been upgrading my main defense team of 5* as much as possible… maybe I should rethink that.

Their rarity is why I’m using them on 4*. The payoff for me is astronomically larger than using them on my 5*.

My 2 defenses:


For the inevitable “does this count as a buff?” questions that come:

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What about swapping Falcon and Boldtusk position? In case they fire at the same turn, if Boldtusk is the left flank, he will fire first, with Boldtusk buff, Falcon will have +48% attack when firing the special.


Only issue for me here is Lance on wing

This is same def but Lance and gormek swapped

Wilbur tank instead of bt

4th option is same as #1 option but with Wilbur tank in place of tusk

Thoughts on this please. Ty!

What we cant use blue that’s so stupid why

Helps mitigate the threat of neutral color attacking once Kash goes off. There’s now only 2 elements for them to use effectively. Best idea imo

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I mean every def will have questions- what if they mono red raid and get 2 tile sets in a row up the middle? - well if that happens- they deserve to win lol

Was actually thinking of putting Kash as left flank

I like at tank or flank better just because he’s a 3 heal himself and 2 next to him. In left wing u remove 1/3 of his effect. It could work though. I posted my 4 options a few posts up, would you tell me what you like best? 1,2 3,4?

Sry you said flank that’d work out better

I don’t have lance and gormek so haven’t tested them lol but i like 2

Cool I’m leaning towards 2 or 4 and 2 is probably going to get the nod! Thanks man!

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