🎭 [June 15, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Got 3 costumes for 15 keys. Hawkmoon, Azar and Berden. Previous month I got Brienne, Ishtaak, and Sonya. I am really bored of these classic red and green heroes. I have 4 Azar, 2 Hawkmoon, 2 Brienne, 2 Berden, 2 Ishtaak and 2 Sonya. No yellow other than Bane. I did get 2 Dawa from daily summon. Thank God, there is no costume for Dawa.


There are 2 featured heroes. Does this mean these 2 appear more frequent?

It seems to give me patterns of things
For example, some times I mostly get Green, other times Purple. During the Teltoc event I was mostly getting purple summons.

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Short answer is Yes.

Slightly longer answer, your chances of “normal” legendary are 1.2%, the two featured are 1.3% :dizzy_face:

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I just got Renfeld and his Costume. I have been treating him as food, as I know he was pretty much useless. I can probably find 1 roster spot to hang on to him if the costume merits it. Wondering what the opinion is on his costume?

  • Costumed Renfeld is Very Good
  • Costumed Renfeld is Good
  • Costumed Renfeld is Average
  • Costumed Renfeld is Poor

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I think the base version is more generally useful, but the other one is situationally useful.

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Did two pulls. Got Renfeld and Brienne (another dupe). Actually I have Renfeld stuck at 2.1 since he was my 1st purple 3* and left him there since i got Bjorn then levelled Tyrum (cos he dispels). I was hoping to get Renfeld’s costume cos he becomes a 3* Onatel which I think is quite unique for a 3*. I guess I will go back and work on Renfeld just for his costume.


Finally a good summon. :heart_eyes:


Of the second patch of costumes, Sartana was the one I still wanted. Didn’t dare to hope for her to be featured this month, but turns out I was in luck. Kadilen isn’t a bad one either; she could be useful for autofarming if she ever popped up. I also did not have this month’s HotM, making for a decent consolation prize at least.

Took more pulls than I would have hoped, but thankfully we got there within a reasonable amount.

Guin used to hold my wizard emblems. Waste of resources she was. Currently they reside with JF. Base Sartana never felt worthy of ascending over Seshat no. 3, or 4, or 5, or 6, or 7, or 8, but now with her costume she finally feels worth the mats, and the emblems. Having pulled Domitia’s costume in the last costume chamber, she’s still ahead in ascension priority though. Still waiting for that sixth tabard. Will be a while before both are ascended and emblemed, but since purple is the color I use exclusively for raiding, fresh new faces will be most welcome.


As usual, no greater troubles with finishing the quest. Second Azar (good, I maxed her with only 3/8 of special, at least I could raise it a bit now), second Rigard so I can now have one costumed and one not, the first Karil (which doesn’t look interesting to me at all).
All in all it could be worse for an f2p.

For boldtusk :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Finally a good red hero


has anyone played the stages yet? Same as May? :slight_smile:
I’m still on POV, Mount Umber…

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Yes, the same.
The hardest thing for these is the mob waves.

Free summons though so not complaining :smiley:


thank you very much :slight_smile:

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To provide an even more complete answer, there are currently 12 non-featured legendaries in the pool, making the appearance rate for each of them 1.2% / 12 = 0.1%. The two featured heroes would obviously be 1.3% / 2 = 0.65%.


Lol well that lasted all but 2 hours… “Not buying offers this time”
I bought ONE because my chest was 8/10 so I used the key + 350 gems…

Azar + Brienne - Surprise!!!
Chest: Bone + Compass

:laughing:Totally not regretting buying that at all lol


After last month where from my first two free pulls I got Costume Magni and Costume Sartana, I doubted I would be so lucky this time. All 3 and 4* dupes bar Carver.


Duplicate Costume Kiril, Domitia and Brienne for me. Not doing a pull this time round

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4 free pulls, got Balthazar and Skittle costumes I didn’t have before, and a dupe Brienne/Gandalf.

Two out of four new ones? I’ll take it. Considering I have Balthazar at max emblems, that’ll be a good asset for oncoming 3* tourneys.

5*, see ya next month.

I know this event gets some hate, but I like it, in spite of the fact that it’s just vanilla heroes. Why?

  • It only requires 5 keys; sometimes I’m able to collect 5 keys just from random chests in between events
  • Includes bonus draw for HotM (thank you Malosi!) :grin:
  • Makes my otherwise “meh” S1 heroes stronger
  • Even if you get dupes, you can feed your dupe costumes to other costumes to finish them quicker

I mean, I wouldn’t buy keys personally… but it’s a pretty nice bonus feature to have for free. Arguably one of the most “generous” portals SG has released in that regard.