🎭 [June 15, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

I pulled… CandySkittles! Best I’ve gotten so far. Wondering how good she is in costume as compared to without. Is she worth leveling? Or putting emblems on?
Edit: Just pulled Belith & costume. Is Belith costumed as good as Hawkmoon costumed?

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Today I pulled Gunnar and Beilith costumes - both are new for me so I am happy. I’ve pulled 9 costumes since March (all free using keys) and always got a new 3* costume, no dupes, but also no 4* or 5*. Let’s see what I get next month. :slight_smile:

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I find that I use the costume far more than the base character for her. Both maxed with 1 node.

However, I am someone who rarely spends money, and am down to my last Green hero worth doing anything with, so most of the heroes I have in Green & Red are fully maxed - except for a couple 3* dupes that I’m debating on leveling next.

Was hoping for Rigard, ended in usual robbery.

SG trying to make me go F2P.

I would give you my second dapper Rigard for that sweet Sonya costume.

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Got lucky with the keys. This was my first Sartana!


I maxed her and have given her emblems. Now, to be fair, I’m a dude who uses what I’ve got, and what I’ve got is a little green wench with a cupcake wand and a bunch of sorcerer emblems that I have nothing better to do with. :man_shrugging:

I felt like my cleric teams could use some extra punch, so I’ve been embleming her along the attack path for clerics. At +9, her sorcerer form has 809 atk / 635 def / 1137 HP, and her cleric form has 823 atk / 685 def / 1035 HP. Cleric skill does less % damage, but more attack debuff. I suspect the extra attack in cleric form makes up for the % damage, so I prefer cleric form. In the last trial involving clerics, I used far less items than the run-through before without the Candy Witch. Still don’t use her often in raiding, but I do use her on titans for the tile damage.

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Hp corrected


Completed the event, and had 25 keys. My lucky daughter pulled:
Belith (dupe)
Kiril ( have him maxed, so costume will be fast to level)
Li Xiu (new, always hate her in opposing teams when raiding, so yay!)
Karil (dup)
Gunnar (dup)
So 3 dup 3*, but 2 new 4*, so good pull!

Also crazy RNG, giving 3 dupe 3*, when I still don’t have brienne from the first batch, or azar, issthak, berden, prisca (meh), carver or Balthazar from the second


Got the 2 dwarves. Ok. No 5* and 2 Priscas…

Here’s a team strategy that’s worked very well for me on 4600-power final stages:

Hansel, Gretel, & Proteus together
Minor & max mana potions, time stop

Make sure you have at least one healer. I can get through these events without any enemy hero ever using a single skill!

Yay, i got my 2 tyrum like always and a useless karil! thank you worst event ever! I very much look foward to waste my time with you again next time!

I got one level further in the costume event. I had only one pull (tryingto get enough gems for a second). I got my second Hawkmoon costume. It’s fine, but I want an unique hero collection.

What do I do with my second Hawkmoon?

Feed her to your Hawkmoon costume. You’ll get a number of levels out of her. :blush:

Sorry, I was more asking about the second costume.

Feed it to your Hawkmoon too. She’ll get lots of levels that way.

4 pulls with keys :

  • 2x Rigard (dupes)
  • Ishtakk (dupe)
  • Lianna : Just can’t believe it. My 1st Lianna :heart_eyes:

She is actually my 1st 5* costumed. Glad it is not Horghall or Quintus.


An absolutely insanely asinine amount of money and 100+ pulls later…

I now own all the 3* costumes (with dupes!), all but Kiril & Rigard of the 4* costumes (with dupes!), and Joon & Sartarna x2. Was going strongly for Raff, but no go. :frowning:

(Also tried for Raff during Telltoc, go two Jackals, but no Raff then, either.)

Guess the RNGods don’t want me to have a Blue 5* healer, or it’s waiting for Ariel next month (who I will NOT be spending $$'s for).

Not-Sorry SGG, but that’s the last of the $$ you’re ever getting from me. No more VIP after my current VIP ends, no more Valo(u)r Passes, no nothing.

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