Junaid's special

The wording is not clear - is it past damage (I think) but how many turns in the future is not specified.
This means it could be past damage, in which case, Junaid is a ‘sniper + healer’.
Is this correct?

Sorry not super clear on your question, but his special heals all allies immediately for 30% of the damage done immediately from his 365% hit. There aren’t any turns involved with his special.


It’s the damage from firing the special, so yes you can consider him a sniper and healer both happening at the same time

Ah, got it. He heals for 30% of the damage dealt by him to enemies.

He should heal each Ally for 30% of the damage he dealt, I use anzogb extensively who heals 20% of the damage dealt… It’s just a one time deal at the time you attack, so you don’t want him to finish off low health targets if you need healing, it looks at remaining health of the enemies overkilling won’t heal you more


He heals himself and all allies 30% of the damage done to a target, but his passive gives him 50% chance to do 70% damage to all enemies
The wording of his special seems precisely clear to me and not ambiguous.
See his damage and healing below :point_down:t3:

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