Junaid or Zhabog who should I LB?

  • Junaid
  • Zhabog

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He pairs really well with any hero that apllies status effect. I LB him immediately and have been quite happy with him


I have both and Zhabog will get the LB after the Omega quest.


I have Ferant ready for LB? Will Ferant have higher priority?

Both are worthy. Honestly whichever you use most.

Both Ferant and Zhabog are worth gold. Both need LB. I would prioritize Ferant. He is one of the best red 4* tanks.
Junaid is not yet maxed but will get LB with next omega. s5 heroes are all worth it.


I have/had multiples and haven’t leveled any but will do Zhabog(s) first

If you have ailment casters, Zhabog is an easy choice, He also gives mana boost to non family allies as long as he is alive. so LB and extending his health and def would make a lot of sense too. I love Junaid as a wing man for 4* tourneys but thats it.

I forgot that I have Ferant to be LB. He desperately needs to improve his status to be used in 4* tournaments. I decided to LB Ferant for now. Zhabog will be next maybe if there is no other new red 4 * jumped out in next 5 months.

Thank you all for the suggestions!