Junaid or sun shang for emblem and LB?

Which one do you consider get more benefit from the LB and emblems?

My other maxed reds are(already emblemed and LB)

Guardian Falcon

Thanks in advance!

Hey bro those are emblemed and limit broken. Just between Junaid and Sun

Thank you anyways !

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Wait wrong poll… here it is… I will delete my last post…

  • Junaid
  • Sun Shang
  • Other (Wait)

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I already have Junaid maxed, emblemed and LBed, he is in my 1st choice to pick for my red team, together with Boldtusk and Falcon, someties I swap Boldtusk with BK, because Junaid is also good sniper plus healer, sometimes also I bring another healer with different color.

I was plan leveling and embleming 2nd Junaid, but Fighter are very competitive emblem in my rosters. And I consider embleme other Epic fighter like the blue one Xiaohu Dun (already emblemed) and I plan to emblem Sun Shang (not leveled yet) later before 2nd Junaid though.