🔵 [Jun 30, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

NOTE TO SELF: Bombs are unneeded, but Axes or Arrows would be nice for reducing the use of other minor items by limiting damage.

The Battle

Last time I finished off the Bosses in 7 moves with minimal item usage.

This time it took 15 moves, so I used my Minor Healing and more of the Minor Mana.

But on the whole, still very easy.

Shiny New Emblems

…all on the shelf.

Ranger Triton is at +9, so his next node requires 49 Emblems, and I only have 21 now.

Druid Melendor is at +18, which is as high as I’m taking any heroes. I’m waffling a bit on whether Caedmon or Gadeirus is my next Druid, so I’m saving the 58 Emblems I have for now.

Hungry Clones

My fourth Melendor ate the Trainer Hero.


My team

Depleted mini health potions, used arrows and axes and a turtle banner as well. Went a bit overkill when green tiles were hard to come by.

Trainer will go to Mel to lessen his squishiness (will need a truckload more). Emblems will sit safely in my inventory until Mel comes of age… maybe?


Apparently this was one of the posts i missed contributing to last time.

Here’s the team i used this time. Just finished maxing Evelyn last night. She makes 5* number 8 for me. My team last time had Lianna in that spot, but she’s 3/70. I just got the last tonic needed today with Shrikewood. Yet, i pulled Tarlak. So. It’s possible she’s getting passed over again.
I’m so ham broke right now that Evelyn didn’t get any emblems and i don’t have enough yet to bring Zim up to 6.
My goal is to max Triton here soonish.


Easiest trial for me since they came out. Ranvir is an effin beast.


This is one of the trials I’m least prepared in.

I’m 30k exp points away from lvl 30 so I only did the 2 first stages. Anyways, with my team, theres no way I could have pulled stage 3.

I managed to keep them all alive till the end but then they started falling like flies… Used 4 axes but right at the end liana had her special charged and the other hero was about to hit, and my poor brienne and lvl 1 melia were going to die. I used the revival scroll, I’m not sorry, thats what theyre for :stuck_out_tongue:

At the begining I was just gonna do the first stage, but 1 hour away from the end of the event I motivated myself and went for the second one.

I hope next time I will have some 4* hero for this trial or I will have similar results.

Shout out to Needler, he’s been with me since the begining and continues to be useful, he was the real mvp! :heart_eyes:


Needler was my homeboy for a long time at the beginning of the game. Green Goblin Fan Club for life! Impressive that you finished stage 2 with that team. Congrats.