🔵 [Jun 30, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Well, that didn’t go as well as last time, but I still finished. I used:

  • Melendor +9
  • Tiburtus +9
  • Caedmon 4^70
  • Melia 3^50
  • Brienne 3^50

Caedmon is maxed this time (up from 3^48), and Melendor and Tiburtus are both up two talents.

My three-stars didn’t fare nearly as well during the boss waves this time, resulting in a lot more health potion use before the bosses. Worse, I wasn’t able to charge everyone’s specials before the boss waves, so I was only able to open by firing Tiburtus and Melendor. Went straight to the dragon and bomb combo, and thankfully got some board help to charge and fire Brienne and Melia quickly. Having both of those specials active at once really makes the green tiles brutal with 3 green heroes. Chao took out Melia, and Horghall’s special left me completely without healing potions. I re-fired dragon + bomb when they expired, and immediately, my Brienne and Tiburtus fell. Actually pleased with the damage I had done to that point, I unloaded all my axes, tanking down Chao and Horghall. My team of Melendor+Caedmon vs. Brienne was a simple battle of attrition, with Melendor dying, but Caedmon landing a killing special before Brienne’s next attack. Considering I ran a team with 2 three-stars, I’m still pretty pleased with this level of item use.

Melendor goes to +10; Tiburtus is just shy of +10. Trainer hero goes to Muggy! :laughing:

Considering how the Ranvir I pulled at the start of this Atlantis might work with this team. Obviously, I rely heavily on the super-boosted tile damage from Brienne and Melia. Would a 2^60 Ranvir (with a reasonably leveled special) be preferable to Melia 3^50? He will have better stats, but Melia’s special is a guaranteed improvement in tile damage, while Ranvir’s is conditional and subject to missing. On the plus side, Ranvir also brings a sniper special, where Melia’s special damage itself is pretty weak. Thoughts anyone?