🔵 [Jun 28, 2020] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

So Vivica on Hard, resisted my 2 time stops, with her Mana shield… is this normal like previously? Or a new development / bug?


Same team as last time, because I was too lazy to make changes. It cost me.

  • On the bench: Ariel, Grazul, Viv, Rigs 1 and 2, Mist, Sailor Moon Lianna 1, Gad, Mel, Gafar, Caed, Boril, Hansel, Agwe, Elk 3.70, Alb 3.70, Viking Sonya 1 and 2, Woolerton, Gullinbursti
  • Up and coming: Ranvir 3.33

Looking good as I get to the bosses, with a diamond to be made!


And ugh again.

Trainer to Aeron, emblems to Viv and Vela.


Yea, for something like this he’s ideal… Put bonus HP in the bank on the run-up to the last tier (Freya helped prevent it being nibbled away at) and his stats are very respectable.

Plus, slow is much less a problem in this kind of setting (pots allowed).

He’s definitely more impactful when I can put Wilbur and Mok with him, but he did the job here pretty well indeed…
In this setting I would struggle to notice the difference between running Gullin or Vivica.

Once you’ve got a couple of maxed fives on the field (especially with decent numbers of emblems), it’s easy enough anyway - you can mix it up a bit just for fun and still complete it.


His HP boost negates not having a debuffer, or debuffer ready, to off set riposte if needed too. :ok_hand:


@BubblesUK, thanks for explanation :+1:

Sadly it is as intended…
[Working as Intended - No Bug Here] Cleric Mana-Shield Blocking Timestop


Naturally… thanks for the link. :+1:


Ariel+7 - Master Lepus+14 - Hatter+7 - Kunchen - Caedmon(NC)+18

No items required. Everything hoarded for now.


Emblems going to Hansel and of course vela.


Team last time

Forgot the team pic, but I replaced Mist w/ Vela. Even with Ariel and Grazul for heal I still needed a health potion and used all my axes and bombs, so boards were mediocre at best. Really hoping I get Kunchen maxed soon since he is needed here.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Tarlak who is up to 4/75.


Took this used a few mana pots lost awege n rigard,

Emblems to Ariel Druid in storage trainer to zeline


Had to use a 3* cause that’s all I had. Smooth until boss round. The tree dropped on reposte and Boril finally got stung to death. Viv was harder. Lotta tile damage needed but she eventually dropped. Trainer to Caedmon. Have not looked at emblems yet.

Like that little bee keeper. He is quite pesky. Heal him up and then fire so minions are at fullest strength. Not bad.


I used:

  • Rigard +20
  • Hansel +16
  • Vela +17
  • Mist 4/70
  • Vivica +8 with costume bonus, got +9 before stage 3 (got some emblems from war chest)

I thought I like all trials equally but this one I definitely hade because final bosses take an eternity and a week to beat because of reflect, healing and general sturdiness. Mist kept dying on me so used some revive scrolls. Will take Gandalf the Green next time instead.

Emblems will go to Vela and Viv. Trainer stashed for some green later.


At what point do these get easier? I managed to beat it with +9 Rigard, +6 costume Sonya, +6 Caedmon (cost. bonus), 3-60 Gadeirus, and 4-50 Gullinbursti. Even with the huge health boost, I still had to use some dragon attacks and bombs in the final level. I’ve basically been nuking every trials as they come along, since my roster isn’t that deep, but even with this 3500 squad I struggled.


Emblemed 4* for all 5 slots on the trials should make it easier, just keep plugging along…

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I am having to use many items too. I took with me bombs, axes and arrows for the last level. I like to soften up the bosses my nuking them before I let my team fight.

I beat the final level for the first time :smile_cat: My team was Hansel (3/30), Sonya in her costume (maxed), Rigard (+14), Kadilen 3/45 and Mist 4/50. It took me two attempts…on the first attempt, Horghall kept summoning those (insert dirty word here) minions and we couldn’t knock him out :rage:

Second time round, I loaded up with juicy items and let the bosses have it :bomb: Hansel stopped Vivica from casting her heal but he died first :cry: Mist helped lots by weakening them and Sonya dealt most of the damage! Then we won, with Horghall getting knocked out last of all :trophy:

I will save my cleric emblems for Rigard and I still don’t have any finished up druids yet. Lianna ate the juicy 3* Trainer hero :hamburger:


Congrats on the win! :partying_face:


Beat it, but had to redo the last level due to a really unfortunate accidental combo cascade finishing the last minion pre-bosses. Everyone was charged, had multiple diamonds, and instead of sniping a finish, I sent a seemingly harmless 3 gem combo into them. That generated a Diamond on refill, which then burst, which then started a huge 15 chain, which completely wrecked my board. Didn’t have enough damagers to make up for that, tried to use all my attack items, but came up short.

Swapped Caedmon in for Melendor, and sniped the last minion the next time, and it went fine.


Way to stick with it and beat it the second time @Zteev :+1:


Started to post yesterday, but got called away to something else and never got back to it. My team this time:

  • Vela +4
  • Melendor +c20
  • Rigard +c20
  • Boril +20
  • Candy Skittleskull +12

Compared to last time, Vela is up one talent. Also, I’ve been embleming Skittleskull along the attack path for clerics to add some punch to my cleric teams, so I swapped her in for Caedmon +18. I worried about having one fewer dispeller for Vivica and Boril, but it wasn’t so bad. Boril’s riposte doesn’t even hurt that much, and Vivica is a pain to take down no matter what. Skittles’ beastly green tile damage did seem to make a difference on Boril, so I’m thinking I will roll with this for a while.

Mob waves are not super difficult, especially with two healers available. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, and induced Horghall to get riposted on my Boril three different times. Finally took him down, then started the battle of attrition with Boril and Viv. As noted, green tile damage on Boril seemed improved, and even though I burned through a bunch of healing potions, I also took him down, and eventually roasted Viv as well, but man her heal + def buff is annoying! I have saved 22 EHTs for Sand Empire (24 by the time I collect the ones available in the event) with the hopes of pulling at least Gafar just for this stupid trial! Ugh!

Not enough emblems for the next node on Vela or Vivica, so those get banked. Trainer hero to Kashrek. Almost ready to start on his costume.


@Muchacho, thanks man :smiley_cat: I wasn’t sure whether to do a second attempt but the extra cleric emblems were too tempting :wink: Congrats on your win too :trophy: