🔵 [Jun 21, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

no screenshots during the battle.

Joon, Valeria, Aeron, Cyprian, costumed Tibs.


Aeron died, but his brave sacrifice also made Richard suicide. Justice also hurt herself on riposte, allowing costumed Tibs to finish her off. Valeria piled the pain on Joon, and my Joon hit the enemy Joon really hard before dying. Tiles finished the job, and Valeria, Cyprian and Tibs survived while their big brother 5*s didn’t.

Monk emblems in the bank for Joon; Paladin emblems in the bank for Sonya; Yellow trainer gets eaten by Danzaburo.


My team this time has a new member . Guardian Falcon who i pulled last teltoc. I took c.Tibs for him

Emblems to Joon and Falcon, trainer for next yellow project i will start soon


Went with Joon +6 / Leonidas / cBoldtusk +18 / Wilbur +20 /Telluria +6.

This went quite smoothly (though I did lose Joon to a something early in the battle). Only used antidotes.

Joon gets monks, Telluria, paladins. No idea what to use the trainer for (hoping for Rana or Roc, I guess), currently using yellow feeders on Bjorn for complete lack of yellow projects…


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Jabbar out, BT Cheft in… great synergy with Wilbur and Falcon.
Other Option
Screenshot at Jun 21 21-48-14

The Battle

Decent start, good board.

Used some items, C Tibs is died, but everything is managed :+1:


Emblem Paladin keep for Telluria, Monk maybe keep later for C Joon.
Trainer goes to Gullinbursti.


For the first time ever, i did not use any battle item at all during this trials, yeeay… usually I need some bombs and dragon attacks to clear the stages. I think its because most of my 5* heroes are either monks or palladins.

I use Tarlak-Thorne-Leonidas-Richard-Sonya. This time, Richard has been fully leveled at 4-80, so maybe that’s explained why I did not need any battle items :grin:


I suppose the custume should also be highlighted when eligible rather than being gray out, most reason why people don’t pay attention to the text…


With Clarissa now finished, I decided to swap her in for Arthur. I kept Joon on the bench, primarily because yellow tiles aren’t great against these bosses.

  • On the bench: Arthur, Valeria 1 and 2, Wu, Falcon, Frida 3.70, Wilbur 2, Cyprian, Li, Jabbar, Iron Chef BT, KISS Army Tibs, Sonya 1 and 2, Joon, Sumle, Heavy Boril
  • Up and coming: Aeron 3.61, Raffaele 1.40


Got to the bosses with everyone ready, and a diamond to boot. I unleashed everything and popped the diamond. Tarlak, Wilbur, and tiles was enough to get through this one.

Trainer to Ranvir, emblems to… Clarissa maybe, and Joon.


They do. The heroes are still greyed out, but with the hint “hero costume can be used”


Here is my team:

The difference this time I put in Li Xiu +1 over Wu +20.

Truthfully I think Wu helped compensate for not having a healer. When I pulled him for Li I had to use some battle items on the final boss. I will probably put Wu back in next time. Granted, if tiles aren’t there Wu just hurts. That’s the game though.

On the bench, aside from Wu, were Raff and Thorne. They are both 1:1. Raff will help as a strong healer. I have a big log jam in blues with Athena too and only 5 scopes. I am thinking max Athena and Raff to 3:70.

Ever since I started posting in these trial threads I noticed how many trials I go through with no healers. As F2P the special healers that fit these trials are difficult to come across.

As for emblems; Cyprian went up to +4. I caved and brought Li to +4 too. I don’t want node 8 on my 5’s as 125 emblems is too many for me. They’d be put to better use in my 4’s, so Joon will sit there for a bit. I also have no other monks. Maybe I will get her costume, but as of now she isn’t particularly useful. I think Chao and Gretel are hands down better mana controllers. Her cut seems so small and her damage so low …

Trainer went to Jackal, who I got last Teltoc. I am pumped for him. Yellow is my weakest color probably, so he’ll help.

Feedback welcome!

Cheers and good luck to those still playing the trial!


Wilbur/telluria/c. Tibertus/cyprian/wu kong

Enemy under Wilbur just melt when bombarded with Wu-tiles, while my heroes just blink when hit by joon. Used one antidote to clean joons blind, but wasn’t really necessary. Tibs restored defensedown after wilburs ran out, and cyprians riposte made Richard and justice suicide, while telluria’s meatshields absorbed the damage.


I beat all 3 levels for the first time :smile_cat:

My team was Wilbur (+5), Cyprian (+15) and By Ulf, Sonya and Chick Jr (all maxed). Wilbur helped a lot with sharing damage to protect the little 3’s. By Ulf helped with healing and Cyprian helped ensuring the enemies hurt themselves lots every time they hit.

I used 5 bombs, 5 axes and 5 arrow attacks. Only Sonya and Cyprian remained at the end but we won :trophy:

I used the paladin emblems to increase Cyprian to 16 and Wilbur will have the monk emblems. I fed the 3* yellow trainer to Mist :slight_smile:


This team cleaned last stage , no items and lost C.Tributus by joon special followed by Richard normal attack.


good going, beating it with two 3s! I remember how tough it was when I was still doing some of the trials with 3s! keep at it! :slight_smile:


Or at the least maybe have the text in a green colour or something other than it being the same as the actual locked out ones.

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Same team as last time. Used a few bombs and a dragon last round. Had a purple diamond going into bosses and Wu was just fired. Nice purple cascade and Sonya finished him. Tile damage got most of Joon and Sonya took him out. Needed to work on Justice more but eventually she fell. Emblems went to Wu Kong.


Chef Boldie+14, Wilbur+6, cTibs+14, Telly+4, Jabba the Wok 3/54. Jabba replaced Li Xiu+6 from last time since I wanted to double up on the strong color even if his stats are nowhere near as good as Li Xiu’s.

Everything considered it went pretty well; as expected did have to use some healing pots on Jabba to keep him alive, and towards the end used two bombs to speed up the process although it really wasn’t necessary, I just lost patience and wanted my damn emblems. :joy:

Pally emblems to Telly who is now +5, monk emblems saved, trainer saved for Jackal #2 (currently 3/39).

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@Muchacho I would give the edge to Wu over Li Xiu myself. I have her but without a healer maybe the tile damage from Wu Kong might work better, less strenuous. Nice takedown. :smiley_cat:


@sleepyhead, thanks dude :smile_cat: I was able to keep my 3’s alive until the last round, when the bosses just hit too hard. I was glad when they hit Cyprian though :smirk_cat:


Not too much of a problem, since I have actually 2 healers from these classes:


  • Heimdall +4
  • Falcon +20
  • Clarissa +2
  • QoH +4
  • MT +3

Funny thing is all heroes but Falcon are from last 4 months or so, so this quest took a sudden drop in difficulty. No items used. Emblems will go to Heimdall and MT. Trainer will collect the dust since I finished Norns just yesterday and I have all of one Poison Dart (though 3 more on way from SE, PoV and RQ).


Team last time

Team this time

Pretty good boards this time, used a few items early on as well as antidotes. Jabberwock did his work on the flanks and made the final blow to Justice at the end. Glad I brought him/it.

Drake took the Monk emblems and finally reached +3. Paladin emblems saved. Trainer to Mitsuko who gets in line with eight other 5*s at 3/70.