🔵 [Jun 17, 2020] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Same as before, because last time smooth without items. :+1:

Other Option

Screenshot at Jun 17 22-26-54

The Battle

Great start, with all mana ready and good board.

1st Attemp DEFEAT! :man_facepalming:
I don’t understand, those slash attack and skill damage from bosses are very hard hit!
And opponent 90% evade, my allies only 10% evade it can be happen I know :man_shrugging:

OK, next try…

Great start…

And I didn’t realize that I have 2x Costume Kiril and he is sorcerer. :man_facepalming:
I will bring Kiril next time!


Emblems both keep inventory for now. Trainer goes to 3rd Kiril, he is almost max.


Yes, I used Norns.

She’s better on maps and quests than raids imho because you have more time to prep the board.

My team also had Sabina and Domitia, so Norns made my purple damage count for a lot more against the Domitia boss.

She’s got a very good stat line and was a big help.


Team last time

Team this time

Same team as last time but did better than last time. Almost lost Scarlett but she held on until the end. Used a few items as this is one of my tougher trials with no 5*s yet.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Delilah.


This is kind of what I was thinking. I could go with Sabina +20, Domitia +18, and Ameonna +19. With Norns (yellow) and Shredder Kiril, it seems like Boss Domitia would be in a lot of trouble. Of course, if I maxed Norns, she’d probably get Ameonna’s emblems, so maybe not as brutal as I’m thinking, but if she could hold her own at 3^70… :thinking:

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With Sif finished, I decided to go the counter-attack route, bringing her and Elena in for Mitsuko and Khiona.

  • On the bench: Icewitch Isarnia, Mitsuko, Khiona, Scarlett, Tony Danza, Jackals 1 and 2, Nat 3.70, Ameonna, C Cat, Sabina, Peters, Ceremonial Li, Brynhild, Almur
  • Up and coming: Dom 2.60 (paused), Jackal 3 4.39 (paused), Morgan 2.2

Lesson 1: if you are too liberal with the counter-attack on the last trash mob stage, you might not have everyone ready for the bosses.

Lesson 2: Skittles is squishy.

Lesson 3: Elena is squishy.

Trainer to Alasie, emblems to Marjana and…holding for Morgan


My team this time:
C.Kiril 3/40
Jackal 2/40
C.Kashhrek 3/60
Sif 4/20
Scarlett 4/70

C.Kashhrek + Sif = endless counterattack.
Finished only with a couple of mana pots to Sif and Kash.

C.Kashhrek is a beast with riposter on PvE. I think both on 3/60 can even finish legendary Challenge Event (2.5k health +counterattack is huge).


My squad…


The team:

Ameonna went +2 to +16. I am closing in on @Noble_Weasel and his Ameonna :+1:

I had Tony Danza +1, Quintus maxed, Skittle +1, and Jackal (30/60) on the bench. Danza stays benched in general just for fairness to the opponent.

I am a bit bummed my strongest color for this trial is weak against mobs and Domitia. I did just get Jackal a few days ago, so he’ll be maxed for the next go around. Scarlett and Kelile are stopping at +18 and Jackal will get some emblems when he is done.

I think Jackal will replace Domitia as I need a healer and Sabina can also debuff. Yellow shield is worthless against not yellow enemies (weird, right?). That does make for a team of glass cannons, but go big or go home! This is one of the few trials for me without a general D drop too.

Cheers and good luck out there!


Scarlett+9, Kelile+0, Jackal 4/64, cLi Xiu+6, Peters+0. Since I haven’t bothered to level Sabina, I figured speed, preventing the bosses from going off, and lowering their attack in case they do go off is probably key to winning.

Worked out surprisingly well, only had to use some healing and mana pots but otherwise finished the quest without using a single bomb or axe.

Rogue emblems saved for Jackal, sorcerer emblems to Ursena.


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