🔵 [Jun 17, 2020] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Sabina +20 / Domitia / Skittleskull / Peters +1 / Marjana +9

I used a couple of bombs to finish off the bosses. Skittles and Peters got one-shotted at various moments.

Trainer for Raffaele, Rogue emblems probably for Marjana, Sorcerer emblems saved up.


Made some changes, brought in Brynhild for Jackal 2 and rearranged the team, giving Kellie and Jackal Brynhild protection.
That eventually kept them alive.

The battle clips

This is one trial where my team use more items : minor mana, antidote, healing pots, and arrows.

Brynhild did make the difference, so more emblems go to her and Marjana. Sorcerers saved…trainer to C.Boril.


My team was Scarlett, Hawkmoon C, Layla, Gil-ra and Dawa😀
I am still at level 26, can’t do 3rd one :cold_sweat:


This is my weakest trial team
I did with

emblems to Ursena and trainer for Almur right now 4/55.
When i finish Almur im seriously thinking in maxing Skittleskull only for this trial (shes at 3/60 now)
and then use her and almur in the team


Same team
Last time Ice Witch was +6 and Ursena was +11

Had better starts

Picked on the slow one

Tiles lined up more with Dom so smashed her next

Patience with the Evade this time

Trainer for Kadelin, emblems saved


I’m going to try a Jackal swarm…


I guess there’s no such thing as too many jackals :rofl:have fun with the army!


My team this time:

  • Domitia +18
  • Sabina +20
  • Marjana 4^80
  • Shredder Kiril +20
  • Skittleskull + 9

Some shiny new options this time, so some substantial changes. Marjana, who I just finished maxing this morning, is in for Ameonna +19. Shredder Kiril takes the place of Brynhild 4^70, who for some reason, didn’t especially impress me last time on this trial. In hindsight, though, I think I probably should have kept Brynhild and swapped out Sabina. Maybe next time. Also, Domitia is up one talent, and Skittleskull is up 5.

Shredder Kiril is a boss; I suspect you knew that already. With his def down, making sure I got everyone recharged for the bosses was more of an issue than previously, but I just topped off Skittles’ mana before killing the last moblling, and entered with all specials charged and a red diamond on the board.

As usual, I worked on taking out Boss Skittles first, simply because evade is annoying, and she is the only boss that doesn’t have it. She fell pretty quickly, and my plan was to go after Scarlett next, but the board felt that Domitia was a better option. OK, whatever. So Domitia went down next. Always seems like Scarlett evades more anyway, so she was the last to fall. Used some antidotes just to save annoyance from the attack down ailments, but I could have finished without them. Otherwise, no items used. MVP to Shredder Kiril; I mentioned him, right? :smiley:

Saving all emblems right now because iron is at a premium with the SH25/HA update. I still have storages and houses to work on in preparation for SGG flipping the switch. Sorcerer emblems will go to Skittles, who is performing OK as a costume cleric with emblems. Undecided about rogue emblems. Probably not going to give any more to Domitia because of the high cost of the last two nodes. Brynhild is likely, but maybe Marjana (if I have the stomach for embleming another five-star). Scarlett is a dark horse, if I wanted to build a tile damage monster for Titans and late war teams to take out stubborn greens. Trainer hero goes to Magni, who popped out of TC20 this week. I’m still smiling about that one. My new Raffale is not, though. (His day will come.)


I am awful at Shadows but this time I improved. This time, I beat 2 levels :smiley_cat:

My team was: Tyrum in his costume (1/1), Domitia (2/60), Sabina (+13), Scarlett (1/1) and Isarnia in her costume (1/1). I used some bombs, axes and arrows on level 2 but I didn’t have to use them all.

I emblemed Sabina up to 14 and I am saving the rogue emblems for Domitia (even though she is stuck at 2/60 because I never have enough trap tools) :sob: :rofl:


BTW, anyone using Norns here? @JonahTheBard? I’m finally getting around to leveling her, and although it will be a while before she gets to a usable level, I’m just wondering how effective she is.


My team:

I had to use some items this time.

New emblems will go to Quintus and Domitia.


I used this team and used some items (3 heal and 1=> axe , dragon and bomb ) as this team weak



Did this with no problem and no deaths. The only items I used were Minor Antidots.

My Team
Scarlett / Brynhild / Peters / Costume Kashhrek / Kelile

Actually a great team.
I swapped out Sabina for C Kashhrek. My first time using him :smiley:
For future ones I will swap around Kelil and Scarlet, I think.


No items.
No reset.
Puss 1 up.
Sorcerers saved.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Same as before, because last time smooth without items. :+1:

Other Option

Screenshot at Jun 17 22-26-54

The Battle

Great start, with all mana ready and good board.

1st Attemp DEFEAT! :man_facepalming:
I don’t understand, those slash attack and skill damage from bosses are very hard hit!
And opponent 90% evade, my allies only 10% evade it can be happen I know :man_shrugging:

OK, next try…

Great start…

And I didn’t realize that I have 2x Costume Kiril and he is sorcerer. :man_facepalming:
I will bring Kiril next time!


Emblems both keep inventory for now. Trainer goes to 3rd Kiril, he is almost max.


Yes, I used Norns.

She’s better on maps and quests than raids imho because you have more time to prep the board.

My team also had Sabina and Domitia, so Norns made my purple damage count for a lot more against the Domitia boss.

She’s got a very good stat line and was a big help.


Team last time

Team this time

Same team as last time but did better than last time. Almost lost Scarlett but she held on until the end. Used a few items as this is one of my tougher trials with no 5*s yet.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Delilah.


This is kind of what I was thinking. I could go with Sabina +20, Domitia +18, and Ameonna +19. With Norns (yellow) and Shredder Kiril, it seems like Boss Domitia would be in a lot of trouble. Of course, if I maxed Norns, she’d probably get Ameonna’s emblems, so maybe not as brutal as I’m thinking, but if she could hold her own at 3^70… :thinking:

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With Sif finished, I decided to go the counter-attack route, bringing her and Elena in for Mitsuko and Khiona.

  • On the bench: Icewitch Isarnia, Mitsuko, Khiona, Scarlett, Tony Danza, Jackals 1 and 2, Nat 3.70, Ameonna, C Cat, Sabina, Peters, Ceremonial Li, Brynhild, Almur
  • Up and coming: Dom 2.60 (paused), Jackal 3 4.39 (paused), Morgan 2.2

Lesson 1: if you are too liberal with the counter-attack on the last trash mob stage, you might not have everyone ready for the bosses.

Lesson 2: Skittles is squishy.

Lesson 3: Elena is squishy.

Trainer to Alasie, emblems to Marjana and…holding for Morgan


My team this time:
C.Kiril 3/40
Jackal 2/40
C.Kashhrek 3/60
Sif 4/20
Scarlett 4/70

C.Kashhrek + Sif = endless counterattack.
Finished only with a couple of mana pots to Sif and Kash.

C.Kashhrek is a beast with riposter on PvE. I think both on 3/60 can even finish legendary Challenge Event (2.5k health +counterattack is huge).


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