[Jun 12, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team this time is the same as my team last time. The only heroes I’ve leveled since the last trial who might make the cut are Gill-Ra and Merlin (3.40), neither of which are strong enough to elbow their way onto the team.

I rolled into the final fight with everyone locked and loaded. I started with a bomb for the attack debuff and used Proteus to lock down Balthazar and Quintus. I then dropped tiles on Ulmer until he fired into Mitsuko’s reflect. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I forgot to reapply the bomb attack debuff, and Kiril took a shot (normal attack from Quintus). Thankfully, he could handle it, but it was a reminder to keep the debuff up. The boards were kind, and I had no issues with keeping Proteus’s and Mitsuko’s effects going until Ulmer and Balthazar were both dead.

Next time I will drop the antidotes for mana pots.

The trainer will be saved for my next dark 5* (Seshat?). The emblems will go to Mitsuko and… I really need to figure out what to do with Wizard emblems.


I call this team “KIRIL’S ANGELS”:

I’d watch this show!


Already at level 30, but I think I can not win stage 3.

This is what I use.

Current progress sofar (sabina should in the list, forget):


Do you have Ulmer or Graymane? Their element is ice/blue which could help against red mobs and neutral against purple mobs, if you can get past the mob waves with 4x Axes, 5x Bombs, 5x Dragon Attacks intact, you can carpet bomb the bosses and use Proteus 1x to finish them.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

Same as last time, except I used 11 minor healing this time.

Shiny New Emblems

Proteus stepped up 1, and Sabina stepped up 2.

Click for Screenshots

Another Wizard

Merlin ate the Trainer Hero, and is perhaps going to make his debut today in War.


14 days ago, this is my rosters… not much change…

And Ulmer is after 2nd Gato, and maybe I will not leveling him.
Later I will use Anzogh, and maybe if Proteus and Sabina maxed, it will help.

They will help even if two of them are purple. Btw, this is the team that I use the first time I was eligible to play the last stage.


I’m not level 30 yet, but I have definitely improved my team since last trial.

My team:

I got Sabina to emblems and got the mats for Ameonnas last tier.
Last time I didnt have Kash and was using a non leveled Jahangir, so level 2 was definitely harder.

I only used a bomb and 2 axes out of fear, but I could have not used them and be alright.

My emblems will go to Sabina, I’m still missing 1 for +4 but Im closest than ever, right? i dont have any wizzard on emblems yet so those will have to wait.

I hope next trials I’ll be able to play the 3rd level and beat it, even if it comes down to bombing the bosses :slight_smile:

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My team:

  • Sabina +10
  • Skittleskull 4^70
  • Onatel 3^70
  • Ameonna 3^60
  • Jahangir 3^50

Not many changes vs. last time. More talents for Sabina. Switched in Jahangir for Ulmer 3^50. Ulmer’s color and special are more useful, but when he dies in the first mob wave, like he did last time, what good is it? :crazy_face: Jahangir proved more durable. Downside is that his special overwrites dragon attacks, reducing their duration (but actually doing just as much damage per turn). Would Balthazar 3^50 (my only other option) have been better? Not sure.

Needed a few minor healing potions to keep Jahangir alive through the boss waves (HP below 100 a couple of times, but Ulmer would have been RIP in the same situation). Early part of the boss wave was going well. Entered with all specials charged except Jahangir and a purple diamond on the board, just waiting to be boosted by ghost Ameonna. Knew I was about due for a heal, but Sabina was almost charged and none of the bosses were due to hit on the next turn, so I fired off a purple match 3… and accidentally charged Balthazar’s special. Guess who he targets?

So with my healer down, things get more interesting. Time to fire off a dragon attack. Skittleskull’s attack down is making the wave survivable, and Onatel’s mana control has been keeping boss specials at bay. But then, Quintus goes off, and Ameonna and Jahangir go down. Now I know I’m basically on borrowed time, so I unleash another dragon, 5 axes, and 4 bombs, which kills Balthazar and Ulmer and leaves Quintus on life support. Since he just fired, and I can keep track of when his regular attack is coming, I finish him off with tiles and DoT. Disappointed at my mana management. I think I could have finished this with way fewer items if I had paid closer attention to the bosses’ mana. Onatel kinda gives you a false sense of security there.

Anyway, Sabina ends up one emblem short of +11. Wizard emblems keep accumulating in a large pile, waiting for me to draw Proteus, Kiril, or enough darts to max Onatel (which will be a while, as Poseidon just took my set of six). Trainer goes to Rigard, who I finally pulled and have at 4^40+.


Hel brought this crappy team to victory… I was expecting to do a massive nuke strike and I found Gill-Ra not only surviving but also being of a huge help. As Kashhrek only heals nearby allies, I had to use some mana and heal potions, but dragons and axes remained untouched. Couldn’t be happier with this performance


Good info. I drew Gill-Ra last Atlantis and was wondering how to prioritize her. The last spot in my lineup for this trial is kinda fluid. Could go to Balthazar, Ulmer, or Jahangir, currently, but it sounds like I should consider Gill-Ra once I get her leveled. Problems would be (for me) stacking 3 purples on a trial with two purple bosses and (for both of us) overwriting Skittleskull’s attack down (in duration, not magnitude). Did you try to time their firing to minimize overwrite?


Come to think of it, I didn’t pay too much attention to that but yeah I should have waited some turns between Gill-Ra and SS to have the attack reduction the most time possible (btw 6 turns was long enough to have them loaded again). Besides, Gill-Ra has a huge value between the 3*, as there is no other cleaner. I know that’s not the best team to bring, but my bench is still growing, and yes, bringing purples here isnt the best idea (that’s why I think my team was kind of crappy for this trial) but the most important thing is Gill-Ra reduced the impact of the absence of a general healer. Don’t think only in Gill-Ra for this trial, also for the 3* tournament raids where all heroes have very fast mana; in that one, I didn’t lose a single raid mostly thanks to her


Yeesh, I went into this Trial thinking I was “the man” and my experience was just as bad as the last time…worse actually. I replaced a 3-60 Merlin with a 4-80 Quintus and I had 2.5 healers, here was my team:

I went after Ulmer first and used antidotes to cure his debuff. I had to throw a lot of blank tiles but I can’t just go and blame the board. This was the final result:

I had to hold my breath when I threw 3 green tiles from a 3-60 Kash at Quintus to finish him off but I wasn’t going to waste another revive scroll on this. So 5 dragon attacks, 10 minor mana, 3 antidotes, and 2 revive scrolls later… :expressionless::unamused: really not digging this Trial.


Oh, yeah. I forgot about the cleanse of Ulmer and Skittleskull’s debuffs. Eh, I think that seals it. Finish Rigard, level Gill-Ra, then come back to Domitia. (Drawing Kiril would change the calculus, though.)

Definitely, but with the loot being so low recently, I haven’t made raid tournament lineups a priority. I would have leveled Gill-Ra sooner or later for this reason, but the fact that she is viable in this trial makes me think sooner is better.

Thanks for sharing your experience.


Got through just barely with this team (needed 5 arrows, axes and bombs each). No enough damage and 3 purples vs. 2 purple bosses with the other colours being healers really didn’t help…)


Only needed a few red pots to this time around.

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I used Kiril, Proteus, Sartana, Zeline and Natalya

Really didn’t have trouble at all but it took a long time. With four colors the tile damage is low and i used axes and arrows on the monsters so I didn’t have to keep healing (Proteus was taking around 200HP damage from each monster slap). On the bosses it was same thing, I got there full mana and locked them everytime with Proteus and Natalya, and took down their damage with zeline, increasing my own att and def with kiril.
No hero came close to death but it was not fast and easy. I played very safe I would say.
I brought medium mana, axes, arrows and big antidotes

No change to my lineup.
Blue, purple , green lineup ( because it’s all I have lol )

TP : 3400 or so
Heroes : 4.61 Sartana , 4.70 Kiril X2, 4.70 Proteus, 3.60 Kashy

Relatively good. In the end lost a few heroes but it’s because the bosses remained to the end!!! I should have tried to pick them off 1 by 1.
Good use of small mana pots

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Sabby died on the first mobwave. Glad to beat it with a quartet as well. Ursena got a meal.

@Olmor why didn’t u heal sabs after she got hit? Lol

I was waiting to see if the 2nd Proteus was gonna suffer the same fate, but I saw u healed him up.

Ps did u speed up that video? Or is that how fast the game plays for u, mines is usually slower… So now I wonder if I need a faster device :thinking:

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