Jump in to one alliance, offering to merging, and then left. Is this spam recruiting?

Is it can be called as spam recruitment?


As I said. Its not NOT allowed. Just not viewed as being good sportsmanship…

I really don’t think one instance constitutes ‘spam’.

Ok…the point is that is not allowed to do that.

Ok… it’s not a matter it’s spam recruitment or not, the point is it is not allowed.

Thank you for your answer, i really need this answer.

The point that @Guvnor explained that it IS ALLOWED. It just isn’t considered polite to do it!


it is NOT not allowed… as in there is NOT anything that expressly stipulates that this behaviour is not allowed/ is against the rules…

(Double negatives = a positive)


Owh…i see…sorry to misunderstood. I thought you give a big pressure to say no twice. I understand now…thanks.


At the very least this person came in with a “purposeful” message.
Much better than Flo.


Yeah, it’s not disallowed but it’s rude.

I’ve known people who think it’s acceptable behavior but at least one of those folks often “went off his medicine”.

It’s also referred to as poaching and most players are more considerate than to stoop to this level.

Good luck!


Owh…sorry i misspressed the flag button, what should i do to cancel it?

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Nothing :slight_smile: we got it.

Serious question here…
The game does not allow private messaging, and neither does the forum. The global chat rooms in game are chaotic and useless. There is no personal information available to contact other person.
Why would be considered poor sportsmanship to jump in and ask or suggest to merge? I think is a valid method. Actually we did it once and turned out pretty well for both alliances.


This is my conclusion after gathering information from here.

Jump in to ask merging is allowed, that’s not breaking the rules. But if you jump in, leave a massage and than left without any conversation at all will considered as an unpolite thing. That’s breaking the rules. The point is not the purpose, but how they way the person do it. It will be okay if you jump in, make a conversation with the leader, and make a deal. That’s more polite. So if you did it once and success, maybe you did it in polite way.

Because there are some people get banned after doing such thing like this. They unpolite, and then get reported.


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Fully agree with this. Mergers are a very good way for alliances to grow (or sometimes just stay alive)
The real problem is that the game offers no other way for people to start discussing, than to join the alliance and use alliance chat


Twenty characters…

I don’t know if it’s technically against the rules, or not. It probably should be.

But either way, that’s one of 1000 other reasons why my alliance is set to INVITE ONLY.

As far as I’m aware it does not violate any of SGG’s rules but there are groups on the Line app that you can report to that keep track of people that try and poach

No naming and shaming on the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

You can resubmit the image if you scrub out the name.

It’s not technically against the rules but is extremely bad manners.

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