July Challenge event?

Hi friends, is there any official info about wich challenge event will take place on July? and… the dates of this? thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Not yet, unfortunately. And since the current beta is tightly focused on Alchemy Lab, it’s hard to guess whether the new Pirates heroes (and whatever else is involved in the refresh) will be ready in time for next month.


I’ve been keeping the wiki as up-to-date as possible on this front, at least. Obviously, everything is up for potential revision, etc… SGG can do as they please. As such the info that I’ve put on the wiki is simply an educated guesstimation.

The Challenge Events page shows expected dates for those alone.

The Calendar page lists all of the special summons throughout the year.

Note: Since Pirates was pulled from June onward this year, it’s anticipated to be thrown back in whenever it’s ready. Once that happens, it’ll change the forecast once more… and we’ll likely not know until that month, as they waited 'til the last second to pull it as well.


So anything can happen… nothing is for sure… ouch!

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@CheTranqui FYI, a couple observations about the wiki calendar:

  • Staff have said Sand Empire will start on June 25, not June 24

  • Atlantis in October is listed as October 31-November 3, but would be October 24-October 27, barring a change in the schedule pattern


Sure, but SGG has shown to be slow-and-steady in their content releases. I suspect that Pirates won’t be back until November in an effort to push up sales between Halloween and Christmas. I definitely don’t expect them to return next month. We gotta at least hear about the new heroes having hit beta first. :slight_smile:

@zephyr1 Great catch on the 2nd one at least. …and… do you mind if I leave Sand Empire on my birthday anyway, 'cause… birthday? :cake:


Happy almost birthday! :slight_smile:

And sure, but I’m totally tagging you in the “but the wiki said” thread on the 24th :rofl:


…was listed on the 24th for personal reasons :rofl:


Come on Yunan!!!

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