July\ August 2020 HOTM

Is there any information about July\ August 2020 HOTM? May be from beta? What to expect?

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Hiya. No nothing.

Click on #beta-beat (like literally click that hashtag) and change the settings to “watching first post”

You’ll then get a notification whenever a new beta beat thread is made.

All beta content (new and changes) are added / put into a forum thread listed under #beta-beat


Hi…is there already some information about the upcoming HOTM in July…@Guvnor, @JonahTheBard
I’m asking because I got Marjana during this Atlantis Summons and would love to see the red HOTM before ascending her.

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As noted above, the July HOTM has never been in Beta yet.

You can turn on Watching for #beta-beat to be notified when there’s a new thread about upcoming Heroes and content.


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