🏅 [July 7, 2019] 12th Raid Tournament! — 4* Buff Booster, No Nature/Green

Ailments force to bring Rigard.
4 yellows left.
No epic yellow dispellers.
3 yellows left.
That’ll be okay for the wings imo.


This is my defense team I’m thinking of…

Here’s who I have available… 20190707_152626

What do you think of this?

or this

Not sure, but why not.

Wilbur Kiril Jackal Boril Boldie

Why not red?

The thing is the computer will give me enemy’s as my high points

And my best blue is third tier. On the other hand wo kong embelembed and jackal only 4.15 or something


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Or thi?

Swap Proto and Sabsy to dispel/heal first. Blue flanks are a must have…

Wilbur tank with blue flanks.
Rigard Boril Wilbur Kiril Jackal

This one?

nice support but lack of fire power i think
That is why I thought maybe proteous

just look at the team power.

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Thoughts on this defense? I wasn’t sure if Mono was a good idea… I have a good mount of 4*'s maxed: Proteus, Wilbur, Rigard, Hansel, Falcon, Jackal, Melendor, etc… …

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Swap Triton and Sonya to dispel first. Then only Sonya suffers from potential riposte.

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Now I got what you said before… Thanx

I think this it it
Force them to bring yellow and sonya won’t help so much so . Riposte on and no displeer

Also this is my maxed hero’s so without five star it will be hard to beat

I was thinking that. Then I wanted Triton to fire first to get more heal with Kiril. I’ll swap them.

Definitely think mono is the way to go?

Less firepower than with Jack and Wilbur doesn’t make sense on wing.

I fear only a defense; Kiril tank with Triton nearby. Many powerful buffs there. I can beat easily anything else. My 4* heroes have talents between 16 and 19. Ohhh… and I was never defeated by a perfect riposte defense since I play this game. For me, Boril and Cyprian are completely useless. An experienced player will have always 2 dispellers in his/her attack team. That’s why Caedmon and Sonya are so good. Fast mana, snipers and dispellers.

Due to unavailability of green heroes, blue tank is better for this tournament, Kiril would be a better tank than Boldstuk. Why don’t you use Boril? Sabina at the left.

Shhhh… Let them use red tanks :rofl: At the last tournament I had a lots of opponents with healers in teams, even tanks, when the rule was “no healing” :rofl: Oh boy… My easiest 1%

But the most amazing thing happened to me at tournament, was 2 or 3 months ago, when I had as opponent my second account. That was… what?? :rofl:


Who won, your main or alt?

Well, the attacking team. No mercy, no matter the opponent! Even is my account! :rofl:

My friends in the alliance couldn’t believe their eyes. And one time I was attacked by my co-leader. He won (combo 11 first turn). Strange thing… Didn’t appear in my list at defense. But he shown me the screenshot with his attack and was true, indeed. Very strange. Makes me think that we get attacked by numerous players, but only a percent of them appears in our list at defense. Just a thought, because of that strange incident with my co-leader.

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