🔵 [July 31, 2019] Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

With Hel and Proteus it’s a piece of cake.


Look at all those minions!!! Wooo!!


No legend, no items and no clip this time. Recording stopped somehow before the bosses, but they didn’t cast anyway.


Trained Sesh and stocked all of the emblems for now.


First time I’ve gone through 3rd stage with 0 items used, clearly my best set of heros in this trial.

Poseidon +5, Magni 3/70, Onatel 3/70, Kiril +14, Proteus +2

Poseidon went to +6 & Proteus +3, trainer heros is stashed for now.


This is my favorite trials. I auto played it this time. Proteus Grimm Kiril all on the bench.

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I beat the last stage first try last night. My team was actually 3054… Proteus was the man. My balthazar got killed early on accidentally but I persisted…! Used a couple Minor mana pots… a lot of Healing Pots and 1 time stop when I forgot to hit them with Proteus. Doh!

Emblems will goto Proteus when he hits 70 ( should be in a day or 2) and I’m not sure of the others.

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this trial was fun since I had a high powered rainbow, I used some weapons just because. I fed the trainer to Lianna I just got her so basically everything goes to her right now. I gave the emblems to Hu Tao and Kiril

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My rainbow team, Kash was there to make up numbers.

Forgot antedotes duh! Took health pots, even with Kiril & Bold Tusk - just as well 'cos the tiles were meh.

Onatel & Hel were great, although several times during the battle, once Hel went off, mana was blocked and damage from tiles didn’t seem to make any impact… Aghh. Consequently, the battle took longer and couldn’t resist throwing arrows and a couple of bombs.

Trainer to Hel and emblems, safe in my inventory for now.


Thx Zeph. You know you’re my fav mod. :slightly_smiling_face:

No intentions to play other games right now. I wanna enjoy my free time more (not that i used to play day and night like others do :rofl: , but to keep up with everything, from wars to trials ect, you have to dedicate it some time. Have fun guys!


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