🔵 [July 3, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

2nd try last stage… I switch Cho chin with Gill-Ra, and I bring 3 dragon attack and 5 bomb attack.
and the result is… drumbell please…

Gill-Ra is no joke, sturdy and has nice skills. Danza 2 times freeze but 3-4 times swords.
Inspired Gill-Ra by @1Peterboy and @Keisuk3honda, thanks.
And also focus on opponent Skittle 1st, then Dometia, then Scarlett, thats help alot!

Emblem will save for Jackal and Sabina, after both maxed.
Trainer goes to Grimm.

PS: this is my 1st Trial which is finished final stage.


Yes, Gill-Ra is a lot of help, as she reduces the damage from enemies, she also helps to clean the attack reduction from Scarlett and SS. Congrats on that achievement :clap::clap:


That’s really exciting, congrats! :champagne::cake:


Congrats @jinbatsu :partying_face:
First seasonal event completed
First class trial completed

That’s a great few days for you :joy::partying_face:


Praise GOD, glad I could help! Yes I think Gil-Ra should be a 4* she should be buffed up that special is so awesome, it dispells and lowers attack and defense. She comes through for wars too. And congratulations that’s exciting now you will win all the other trial classes as well. I’m rooting for you

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This is the group I used… Somehow I thought I would need a lot of items, but miraculously these guys held off very well, and I completed it without having to use any items. Scarlett’s attack down was valuable and Jackal+Danza served well, on the instances where he didn’t freeze. Sabina was there for the heal… I should have taken some antidotes or bear banner to counter the attack down, but it was still fine… Both sides had their attack down, so it worked out. :slight_smile:


Yes I bring Sabina.

Ameonna can shed it but the rest are crippled untill they die and I switch to bombing afterwards.

Mitsuko replacing Dawa.

Old Team:

New Team:

Spent 1 more Bomb Attack but less 1 Dragon Attack. It is only slightly easier as even when Dawa is weaker than Mitsuko, yellow puzzle is better than red in this trials.

10 Healing Potions, 5 Arrow Attacks, 5 Bomb Attacks, & 1 Dragon Attack.

Currently holding off the irons for upgrade.

I already forget about it… Was it purple? If yes, then it must have been Sartana.


Thanks @zephyr1 …It was Ariel :sweat_smile:


It’s blue. :slight_smile:


Original Team: Marjana 4/80, Danzaburo 3/60, Peters 3/60, Ameonna 3/60, Graymane 3/50
Last team: Marjana 4/80+5, Danzaburo 3/60, Peters 4/70, Ameonna 3/60, Sabina 3/60
Current Team: Guardian Jackal 4/70, Marjana 4/80+6, Danzaburo 3/60, Peters 4/70, Sabina 3/60

-Yes, I have Sabina. I did bring her, and this trial made me realize that I have to hurry up and max her. I have a bunch of 4*s at 3/60 that I haven’t gotten around to maxing yet.
-To deal with Scarlett and Skittleskull’s attack debuffs I brought along antidotes. I also had Peters to silence.

-Yes, my team changed since last time. Jackal replaced Ameonna.
-The changes to my team made the Trials easier. Jackal is maxed, unlike Ameonna.
-I used arrows to blind the bosses, minor heals and minor healing potions. Also, antidotes.
-All my resources are going to either training or upgrading advanced buildings. Hoarding all emblems I get for now.
-I’m not working on a blue I’m particularly excited about(Captain of Diamonds and Agwe are the only 4* blues I don’t have maxed), so I’m banking the trainer hero for the time being.

  • I leave 4*s at 3/60 if I’m not too crazy about them. A previous trial convinced me that Little John is worth maxing. This trial convinced me that Sabina is worth maxing. Thanks to this trial, Sabina is getting trap tools as soon as Hel is maxed.

Finally made it through the last stage with this team! I just pulled Scarlett during the last Atlantis rising, and have been power leveling her to triple stack red. I also ascended Inari after Sand Empire / Atlantis, while Margaret got ascended a few weeks back.

The combined dodge of Margaret and Inari, and the attack debuff from Skittles and Scarlett saw me through with healing from Sabina (and dispelling the holy defense buff of Domitia). I eventually won with only Inari and Margaret standing because I didn’t want to use revive scrolls unless absolutely necessary.


Well well, look who made it through. Not bad.

My most difficult trial. The first time it came around was lucky to pull Dawa to join 1/2* team to complete first stage. Now Dawa is still here. Decided to rely on tiles to pump Sabina for healing. Had one turtle and four axes left over, which suggests I could substitute mana for axes next time; although axes can’t be evaded.

Eventually Sabina and Scarlett will get emblems and Grimm has rights to the trainer.


Last time Majana had 1 token
Jackel in for Kelile of 3/60


Congrats! Getting that first one under your belt feels good, right? Wait till you get to where you can finish one without carpet bombing. That really makes it feel like you have arrived! But for now, bask in this. E&P is all about patience and progress. Your patience has paid off today.