🔵 [July 3, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

2nd try last stage… I switch Cho chin with Gill-Ra, and I bring 3 dragon attack and 5 bomb attack.
and the result is… drumbell please…

Gill-Ra is no joke, sturdy and has nice skills. Danza 2 times freeze but 3-4 times swords.
Inspired Gill-Ra by @1Peterboy and @Keisuk3honda, thanks.
And also focus on opponent Skittle 1st, then Dometia, then Scarlett, thats help alot!

Emblem will save for Jackal and Sabina, after both maxed.
Trainer goes to Grimm.

PS: this is my 1st Trial which is finished final stage.