🍻 [July 2020] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends

Pulled Seshat! I think I’ll go have a glass of wine to toast her! :joy::wine_glass:


How many summons did it take…?

I used the summons trick. I got the right combo of free daily pulls once a day followed by a 10-pull. I got that combo twice today. Thus, I did two 10-pulls today for a combined total of 44 pulls in the ToL summons pool. I’m not sure how many free daily pulls I did over the last 3 days trying to meet the criteria to pull from the ToL summons. I think I was trying about once every 2 hrs approximately. When you combine both the daily pulls and the ToL pulls, I probably did between 80 to 90 total pulls. Lots of feeder heros and troops. :wink: I’m done now. The math to get anything better is not good. My 5*s were Seshat ,Thorne and Khagan this time around.


With using free legend coins I got Gunnar & Dawa…all time favourite Heros of this game… :heart_eyes:


Got the 30 pull deal, cannot be mad that all others were feeders.


Try using my Summon Simulator to guide yourselves through the odds and best portal options:

I did this offer and 30x summons this morning.
No HotM but I did have “luck” I guess:

1x 5* (Isarnia)
10x 4* (2x BT, Caedmon, Little John, Sonya, Melendor, Kiril, 2x Boril, Skittle)
19x 3* (3x Graymane, 3x Prisca, 3x Belith, Bane, Friar Tuck, Dawa, 2x Renfeld, etc)

Everything is duplicates.
I fed most to White Rabbit (4/79) but I fed blue’s to my Snow White (1/20) + Greens to Lianna (4/40ish)

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Bought the 30x deal…4th pull landed Gravemaker :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Saved 15 pulls to do later, not expecting much with the rest of the pulls but so glad to have Gravey!


Against my better judgement, I bought today’s 30 pull deal. Luckily got Drake and Margaret.


I’m kind of afraid to ask, but what on earth do you mean by the “summons trick” and the “right combo” and that you met “the criteria?”

It’s a weird superstition where you “test your luck” with silver token summons to see if this is a good time for you, before pulling with the expensive ones. Several apparently rational people swear by it. I suppose as this is a game programmed with an approximation of randomness rather than genuine luck it may not be quite as daft as it sounds. But then again, it probably is.

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You do the free summons or summons with silver tokens, you need to pull 2 troops in a row, then do a test pull for either a 4* hero or a 3* event hero and then do a 10pull or seperate pulls to land a 5*.

Works for me in Atlantis and Tavern. Ive heard and seen changing language to russian also works well.

Any particular colour underwear that should be worn?


I bought the 30 pull deal and got Delilah. I didn’t have her, so that’s cool. :grin::+1:t2:


Great pull @BigE1! Well done! I’m jealous!

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I think you got mine…

But congrats :stuck_out_tongue:

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Congratz on Seshat! (but I hope you realize theres no actually such thing as “summons trick” b/c that’s not even how RNG works).

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Lol at all the conspiracy theories for some hidden summon codes.

It’s like going to a casino and playing a slot machine and if you win on your first spin that means you’ll win if you go play roulette.

The human mind…can’t help but try to bring order to chaos. If it happened once it MUST be part of a deeper hidden code right? Then it happens again! You’ve cracked it!

No you haven’t. You just got lucky twice which happens. People have won the lottery twice with odds in the millions to one.

Ahhhh Cheds you crafty devil! You are just part of the machine, telling me I’m wrong but I know I’m not!

No wonder so there are so many conspiracy nuts out there.


Had ~2100 coins saved from last time and got another 200 from the quest. 23 summons and got all feeders.

Then bought the 3000 coin offer and only got Quintus. Didn’t have Quintus before but still a bit disappointed.

When I say the “summons trick”, I mean the hero summoning process. It’s primarily for Atlantis pulls, but I use with the other events as well.

Moderator Edit: Credit for below is @censure/Prophet

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