JULY 2019 CALENDAR (Fables of Grimforest Challenge Event, trials, rare quest and Atlantis) TENTATIVE

Thank you :slight_smile: RL has been distracting and I missed that one :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, thanks for feedback on the calendar I created for my alliance. I’ll be continuing to create these on a monthly basis and will be more than happy to continue posting to this thread if enough forum members are interested. @ThePirateKing thanks again for the shout out, I appreciate it. :grin:


Please do @Novo!! These are excellent. Plus the fact that I’m so poor I can’t pay attention, they help with planning ahead. Thank you!!


THANK YOU to all who have spent their own personal time to “map” out the happenings in E&P each month!!!


Dose anyone know what this months challenge event is? I know it got messed up with skipping the pirates last month.

Someone posted this on a facebook page, not sure if these are accurate though ?

It is NOT pirates. It is Fables of grim forest


Thanks muchly for this and have shared it with my alliance :smile:

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Can anyone tell me when is the next Frostmarch?

będzie za dwa dni :slight_smile:

Just guessing but I’m thinking the middle of July (or a little sooner).

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It will either be in the next 2 days before the grimmforest event starts thurs, or directly after the event sun/Mon. Rare quests and challenge events no longer clash/spawn at same time


This calendar is great! Thank you!

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I can’t understand what its gonna be, half of people tell that its gonna be Grims, that has been not so long time ago. Or it will be updated Pirates?

Fables of Grimforest. Petri said on another thread

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Its very bad, they just remove Pirates and thats all, long time waiting.
Thank You.

What is the next event tomorrow

Should be Fables of Grimforest I believe :slight_smile:


Fables of grimforest

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@zephyr1 possibly merge

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