July 2019 Atlantis issue

It’s possible that I have the issue here (so let loose; seriously). I tried season 2 before the last Atlantis event; S2.1.1 and failed epically. Then the second last event, I tried again and they had debuffed all the monsters and I made it to level 4 and then got soundly thrashed (S2.4.1). Then it went back to normal without me knowing and failed even at 2.1.1 spectacularly again. I can auto complete to 2.4.1 (clearly without getting the token)

I can only complete 1 stage of one level in a bigger stage but can’t score my 3 Atlantis tokens that it tells me is available at all.

I am a little confused as to their (SGG) intention? Give away auto complete loot?

I can see this a lazy way of patching code. Go sick, epic loot for auto complete but not one Token will you get until you have replayed all these differently levelled , for the third time, monsters again.

Basically you are telling me, no almost worthless tokens for you till next July?

Would that be a fair summation?

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Just to make sure I understand correctly, it sounds like you’re saying that you’ve gotten up to Season 2 Province 4 Level 1, but can’t get past the first stage of that fight. Is that correct?

If so, what team of heroes are you using?

Season 2 is designed to be more challenging than Season 1, so you may need to alter who you’re bringing and how you’re approaching the fights.


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Thanks for responding Garanwyn. The teams I use are often tailored to making sure I can kill the one or two hit monster (two hits to me not the monster) at the end so it is hard to say. Sometimes I use a hunch and it pays off; mostly, not so much. Normally I use the Titan Mafia hero tool if I can. Screen captures are the devil on old iPads, but I have around 30 3:50’s, 7 (10 actually, it appears I can’t count)) 4:60’s and only had materials for one 4* ascension and that had to be Sabina.

EDIT, the issue was I can auto complete to level 2 3.1 but haven’t made it past season 1 level 21. I can only farm because they were too generous last time. This time, I can complete S2.1 myself, but harvest is so lucrative, so season 2.3.x is getting mashed with loot tickets of which I have hundreds.

But a summary would be 2 Sonyas, BoldTusk, Gormek, Chao, Li Xiu. SkittleSkull, Little John, Cyprian and Kashhrek, all at 3:60 and Sabina at 4:40. Hu Tao is just not remotely effective and is pretty much benched. EDIT: I have no motivation to ascend Cyprian either as mine seems so frail and I’ve only seen his special actually do something once.

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Sure thing!

Season 2 was designed to challenge longer-term players, with the challenges ramping up in the demands on roster as the provinces progress. So it will rapidly reach the point where 3* heroes (and 4* below final ascension) require a lot of battle items in order to win. And using a lot of battle items on these fights isn’t cost-effective.

The way the damage equation works, special and tile damage stays compressed into a pretty tight range until your attack stat exceeds the defense stat of the enemy. 3/60 4* heroes can’t get to the point where they can get big hits, so you’re left whittling away at enemies with lots of health. Meanwhile, the enemies have attack stats that exceed your defense, so they can get big hits in on you.

At this point, in your shoes, I’d be concentrating on titans, rare quests, and events in order to get the 3* unfarmable Ascension Materials neede to ascend heroes. The rare quests and events are worth some battle items to get to the AM.

When you have several fully-ascended 4* heroes, the early province Atlantis fights will become more tractable. As the provinces go forward, you’ll have to do more and more color stacking to win. And eventually, you’ll need emblemed 4* or 4:80 5* to win fights.

Season 2:1-2 normal and 2:1-3 normal are excellent sources of backpacks and recruits. They are what I focus on farming.

Cheers, I’ve just started my 7 day SH20 upgrade so am hoping to get at least something new to my team in the next few months (I’ve tried to inject some reality into the way I view things).

The thing that just finished today almost makes me want to cry. Last time my defense was slaughtered, the one after that, that one left a bad taste in my mouth and this one I just set my defense and didn’t bother with the first day at all but my defense was winning for a couple of days and the potential ETT was just there. Apparently telling you you got raided is critical with notifications (you know how much food I have to dump daily?) but reminding you something is about to end isn’t.

Just disheartened atm.

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It’s easy to get that way. Things can move maddeningly slowly sometimes, and I agree that it would be really nice if things like rare quests gave popups to war you instead of raid losses.

Hang in there. When I first hit Atlantis, 2:3 was a big challenge. Now it’s autofarm. You’ll get there :slight_smile:


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