🎭 [July 20, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

OK, so I didn’t get Elena, Magni or Kadilen - no surprises there.

I didn’t get Elkanen, in fact I got no new Heroes at all :cry:

I did get Belith AND Tiburtus from my “Hoping for” section :smiley:

Also picked up a new costume for Skittleskull. :slightly_smiling_face: and Boril :slightly_smiling_face:

Happily I didn’t get Gunnar or Brienne :smiley: but I did get another Hawkmoon :slightly_frowning_face:

Full list (so far)

Tiburtus - new costume.
Skittleskull - new costume.
Belith - new costume.
Boril - new costume.
Azar x2
Karil x2
Isshtak x2

Overall, not bad, could have been better but could have been a lot worse.

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Not a favorite event of mine. Ridiculous odds for season one heroes I have to level twice to make useful. Had 5 rolls. No expectations because I am not very lucky and it is SG after all. True to form, I rolled:

Belith #6
Prisca - got rid of her long time ago; no use for her
Bane #7
Berden #5
Caedmon #2 - will keep him but I have one just leveled so he is not a priority.

I actually have an Isarnia costume from before the event was changed but no Isarnia of course. Hopefully TC20 will give me one when I hit 90…

Used Poseidon, Boldtusk, Melendor, Kingston and Marjana on the last round. Board dried up immediately as always but I brought mana pots and was ready.

Slightly off topic but I faced all teams with costumed Renfeld in the tourney today. Another one I fed ages ago but I suppose I would keep him if I ever pull him.

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Only half crazy :smiley: There is a 30 pull button, but it’s not on all portals.

6 pulls : 2x Hawkmoon (dup)/ Bane (dup)/ Ishtak (dup) / Carver / L. John.

I wanted Kiril :cry: Well I will try again next month.


been extremely lucky this time :slightly_smiling_face: three pulls with keys,one with gems.
azar (dup)


Is there an order for the featured heroes? I like Azlar but am hoping he might be featured again next month when the HOTM is different.

monsters & bosses

HP monsters and bosses


Thank you for all you do! @cap


I completed the first two stages an got myself to two summons. I got Brienne and Sonya!

I have needed druids so I now have a lot of druids to work on.

Sonya is my second 4* and my first costumed one as well so I’m excited to get working on her once I have finished my 3* heroes to make progress on them.


Thank you very much Cap :wink:


Congrats! Both Brienne and Sonya costumes are great! Especially Sonya. With Regular Sonya you get dispel and costume cure. You can choose which one to use depends on the situation. Very versatile indeed!

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Ooh nice thanks @cap.

20 thank yous


In 3 pulls today, I got Azlar, Berden and Quintus. Just like that, my first rainbow 5* roster is complete! Not too shabby :smiley: As a F2P, that’s kind of miraculous to get two 5*s from 3 free pulls within 30 seconds of each other!

I actually really love the variety the costumes bring to the game. From past costumes, I have Lianna, Gunnar, Bane, Prisca, Balthazar, Tyrum, Hawkmoon, Friar Tuck and Brienne. I still have to level Azar, LJ, Melendor and Kashrekk. Although I know the 3*s don’t do much for my bench, they are lots of fun to play with during tourneys and ToL (where I’ve only ever pulled Dawa, lol)


I did 35 costume summons. Ended up getting two 5* heroes! Unfortunately, they were Richard and Elkanen. Not who I was looking for but can’t complain getting two new 5 star heroes w/costume. Also, I got Kiril who was one of the two 4*s I was looking for. Hopefully I’ll get Caedmon next month.


3 free pulls and paid for 1 offer.

Got my first C. Rigard! In fact I pulled x2 of them. Super happy about it and immediately changed my purple project.

Also 1x new prisca and dupe Balthazar.


It was really hard for me this time. Def down and evade is a bad combination :rofl:

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Event was easy! Sacrificed a few manapots to keep proteus running.

I had 9 keys from chests and visions, so 3 free pulls: prisca, Balthazar and little john. All 3 new (costumes), so that’s good. Not sure if I’ll bother with prisca (although she is much prettier in costume), but Balt and John join the queue.

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Close to finishing my rainbow costume team. Was hoping for kadilen and joon but didnt happen.


Same @ the fact it was easy.
I forgot to switch my team and didn’t use Proteus or Miki, which I usually do. I only used them on the final stage.

I am on 9/10 for my ascension chest, and have only 210 gems, which is annoying…
Do they usually do another offer on the final day, they don’t do they?

This event was much easier for me than ever before, just cruised through with Sumle, Boldtusk, Falcon, Gormek, and Gullinbursti, handful of emblems on almost all of them. No items used.

Pulls were lacking for me this month though, got Berden, Isshtak, Gunnar (dupe), Prisca, and Boril. Berden and Isshtak do look good, I have so many green 3s to level it’s ridiculous. I had been lucky with 4s before, but I’m still chasing that ever elusive costume 5*.