🎭 [July 20, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

So… All within the statistical probabilities then? Since you already have two of Noor, why on earth did you think it wise to do such a massive amount of pulls this month?

Use costume Elkanen in field aid wars… :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well a pull isn’t quite right without your 20th Gunnar is it?


To be honest, regarding standard pulls (Atlantis, Season 3, Events…) I got very little for 2+ years of playing. But Costumes likes me. :slight_smile:

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9 pulls all 3*.
2 bane
2 prisca
2 berden

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There’s actually another Gunnar in the next row :smiley: I was only highlighting the Banes. :rofl:

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Since I don’t care about next months hotm either. I’ve also been planning to pull in this chamber for a while so I didn’t want to wait more. The 2 first Noor were both from free pulls (from which I haven’t done many).

I did 4 pulls from quest and spare keys…

Belith (new)

I think i used my monthly luck in getting Roc from free token


I have got today Mangni as unique 5* and on the others summons: C-Rigard, C-KItteskull, C-Boril, C-Liu, C-Tiburtus, C-Boldstuk and C-Melendor and today I’m happy, so you must be extremly happy.

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At least they’re all excellent heroes for tournaments and events (Isshtak was basically paramount to have to score high up in rare). You’ll find costume Gunnar in tons of teams with the other events, and he’s hellish to face in rush attack tournaments. There’s only Belith and Hawkmoon you can use as 3* healers, so these new perks they’ve both got is super excellent!

Finally Sonya costume! The rest I fed. And I got another Noor, my first dupe HOTM. I have no idea what to do with even one of them.


I see your point! I will go to the same route as you from now on. The only thing I’m really lacking is a 5* yellow for my wing (C Joon was my main reason for the big pull). The only ones I have are Neith, Roc and Justice. Neith is maxed and I’m leveling Roc. Will have to be good for now. Most portals have free pulling possibilities as well so hopefully something will come up eventually :slight_smile:

Other than that I am quite happy with what I have for the time. I have projects in all colours for a while, and quite good ones as well.

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I see! I still would’ve waited to next month, but Azlar sure is tempting! The first three months with the costume chamber I only got 3*, then I got Sonya and Skittleskull (she’s actually pretty rad now that I’ve maxed her - high tile damage and low competition for her emblems).
Cant even count the number of Hawkmoons, Banes and Gunnars I’ve pulled though :expressionless: last month I got both Magni and Domitia. Pretty shocked to say the least! I’ve probably only done 50-60 pulls all together in the Chambers so overall my luck has been weird. Two awesome heroes, but probably 85% 3s and the rest have been dupe upon dupe of Sonya. It suddenly evened out today with 6 pulls resulting in a Sonya, Caedmon and Kiril.
Costumes is one of my favourites to pull from, since it suddenly makes many of our old heroes attractive again!

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4 pulls
Little Jhoon (new costum)


Completely agree. Costumes are awesome and I’ve put most of my gems for the last months in the chamber. Only 5* so far are Kadilen and domitia though (which are also good, tbh). Other than that I now have all 3 and 4 star costumes which is not that bad.

I really, really wanted costume Joon, hence the big pull. I’ve never done something like that before, and won’t do it again. As I mentioned above I already planned to reduce my spending anyway. Hopefully I can get him from a free pull in the future :slight_smile:

For me, the lucky chamber has been the Tavern of legends. I’ve gotten Athena and Alby from approximately 20 pulls overall which is insane.

SUGGESTION (pity I can’t do a poll)

I wish that Scarlett gets an attack buff for herself and close allies!
It will make her very attractive against Tellytubby and Vela, and here’s why:

  1. She’s fast, it will give you that chance of still be ready to fire after Vela has fires off, and yet…
  2. She’s squishy! The gamble is a bit exciting!
  3. Her high atk damage gives a little edge against Tellytubby
  4. She’ll be attractive against Titans (in both costume and without)
  5. She won’t be an OP 4*, as she’s only buffing herself and close allies.
  6. She’s actually a hero everyone have a chance of getting, instead of making a HOTM, that peeps are “forced” to spend on in hopes of countering Tellytubby and Vela

What do you guys think?

Hot damn! I’ve practically only done free pulls in ToL bc of the low odds. Athena and Albie: that’s insane!
C. Dom is awaiting the final ascension here, because I’ll do my next 10-pull in the upcoming Atlantis. I’ve spent too much on this game earlier, but after the Tellytubby nerf, the insult of giving emblems to absolutely everyone, and the whole hero academy BS I’ve decided to practically stop spending $$ here. From spending about $40-50/month here, I’m probably down to ~$10 now. I wish I could stop completely tbh, but I’m struggling to much to help myself :expressionless: It’s even taken a heavy toll on my relationship with the playtime and interaction with friends from the alliance. Then again it’s been my biggest social arena, and that’ll be very hard to sort of give up with stopping to play​:confused:
Anyways… Fingers crossed your lucky streak in ToL keeps up! And don’t spend more than you’d find acceptable on any other bad habit :sweat_smile:

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I feel with you. My spending also escalated a bit lately, especially since the Corona thing started. I have so much more time since I haven’t been able to go to office and even had to leave my country of work for three months. Have to be stricter from now on!

But the game brings a lot of fun as well as you say! I hope it keeps up :slight_smile:

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Dudde they are super dupes to me(at least gunnar and Hawkmoon) thank you anyways :roll_eyes:

My gunnar has been super useful in tournaments and Hawkmoon too , this is my def this tournament

Belith costume , i will max the costume, i have the original maxed .

Am I crazy or did there used to be a 30 pull button?

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