🎭 [July 20, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

20 pulls, finally got Kiril and Caedmon’s costume, been waiting on those two forever but missed them the last two rounds. Bonus Berden costume also nice.

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I did 3 pulls - Tyrum (I already have it), Ceadmon (new) and Bane (new).
I was really hoping to get Rigard or Sonya - maybe next time.


5 total pulls, 15 keys from the various chests and rewards, 10 keys from this current masquerade quest. Finally got my BT costume. Kiril’s costume has evaded me in 2 consecutive months already (maybe 3?). I didn’t even wish for a 5 star costume in Magni, Azlar, Kadilen or Elkanen as I might already have consumed my luck in the costume chamber after getting the costumes of Lianna and Joon.

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I think Bane has gotten a bit of a thing for me. Bane; he’s everywhere!

Finally got a 5* costume… and it is… Elkanen …

I like the humor of RNG



Finished the quest and did some free summons.


Quest Completion Video of stages 4-6 (+ final amazing summons)

More Vids: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


Couple carryover keys got me Karil & Brienne (dupes).

First free summon from this month got me Berden (dupe).

Video above shows the final free summon which got me ELKANEN!!!

Did a final gem summon to fill the Ascension Material Quest which got me KIRIL; who was the last 4* I was missing. (AM chest got me another warm cape whelp…).


It’s been a good bit of summons so far. I went into this holding 9 keys. Did the first stage to get to 10.

I got two useful costumes: Berden & Friar Tuck. I had neither of them, and also literally had no Green project going. Now I have two, which will help.


Two dupe Kirils. Sigh…

My first four pulls (one more coming with the last phase): Gunnar, Kashrekk, Elkanen, Tyrum.

Gunnar and Tyrum are both dupes. I have an Elkanen at 3/70, so he may get some love sooner or later — but I have a lot of green projects and no tonics at the moment. Still have to do Caedmon, Friar Tuck, and Skittleskull from last time (Skittle may not be a priority). And Brynhild, possibly Gobbler.

What I did just realise, however, is that I now have all 3* and 4* costumes available. Plus Domitia and Kadilen from earlier costume chambers. That’s quite nice. But this portal is clearly the one where I spent the most resources… :slight_smile:


It’s not just Bane… :rofl:


So you are saying you found the special headband subset of the summon portal?



20 characters of :rofl:

7 pulls, mix of 3* and 4*, only one I didn’t have was LJ, best bit was the chest which gave me a scope. I’m always short of scopes.

Did 2 more pulls with gems and got costume Rigard :))))))))) finally


For me Costume pulls were really great so far. Without paying anything and using gems I got 4 x 5* (Sartana, Azlar, Domitia & Joon) and also 2 HoTMs (Vela & Telluria).


Good for you Luiii! Rigard Costume can be a game changer in the right circumstances. I’m keeping my keys in my pocket for this month, already got Noor and don’t want a second one. Only got 1 5* costume (Azlar) from a previous pull, happy with him because I didn’t have him yet at all. Really would love to get Joon’s costume, he is a monster and one of the best snipers in the game. I get a lot of use out of the 3* and 4* costume, like the stats upgrades, but love the versatility, especially in raid tournaments.


Wow, that’s some luck right there! Those are killer costumes too!

thats insane. Those heroes sure you can enjoy playing :slight_smile:


What @mrslam23 said !!!

I would be happy to get half of that selection… You must be a very happy bunny indeed.

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