🔵 [July 10, 2019] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

No Boldtusk? :scream:


Thinking of going with this team. Is it worth swapping in Boldtusk even though he is so low level? I could get rid of LJ and stack. I am actively leveling Boldtusk and Poseidon.


Interesting philosophical question. Green is not a particularly useful tile color in these trials, but a 50% mana slow is huge on slow heroes, giving you a lot more time to work. Azlar and Elena can be a mess if they go off. At least you can Antidote around a bunch of Azlar’s damage.

I don’t have LJ leveled, so it’s a non-issue for me. I tend to like the idea of a big damage boost for tiles and specials.

@zephyr1 you have both. How do you like to roll?


I know I used LJ on a trial before and found he hit really hard, even at 3/60. I hate to go back to my old habit of jumping projects, but I could shelf Buddy for now and ascend LJ. I was gonna do it eventually anyway and can just power level him with what I get overnight. Boldtusk will be slightly higher, too.

My other high level options include: Guardian Panther at 3/70, Khagan at 3/70, Gormek at 4/70, Hu Tao at 4/70, Boomer at 3/60


Well, one can always carpet bomb through a trial if necessary, so I don’t know that I’d make a big course correction on my plans on the basis of a trial.

I feel confident that in general, Buddy > LJ. But together, I’d imagine they’re pretty awesome, since Buddy protects LJ and boosts his damage too. For Rush Attack, LJ is really unpleasant to face.



Back in February, I used this team:

I had to use a few Battle Items, but nothing crazy.

Looking back at my few notes, it was pretty straightforward. So presumably a less leveled version of a team along these lines would do fine, and might just need some more carpet bombing.


I might try swapping Colen for Boldtusk. I feel like I need the healer.

I also have a fully maxed 5* and a fully ascended 5* in this team, so that helps. Grimm and then Poseidon should hit pretty hard.

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Hu Tao and LJ have been useful on my team for blinding and debuffing mana generation. Those both help a lot in mitigating damage taken to begin with.

(EDIT: and last time I doubled up on Grimm in place of LJ, since blue plus heavy hitting of 3 targets is useful here, especially with the non-Emblemed Grimm setting up a debuff for the Emblemed Grimm to smack.)

Boldtusk alone doesn’t really heal enough, so I’ve always used some minor healing too. In my more recent versions of that team, I’ve used a second maxed Boldtusk in place of Sumitomo — which helps with healing, but still needs some pots to supplement sometimes.

So I’d say having a healer will be hugely helpful, so you don’t run out of healing pots, particularly because you should carry Dragon Attacks and Bombs in case you need to nuke your way through the end, and you’ll want Antidotes to avoid being DoT’ed to death.


I think I’ll swap Boldtusk for Colen and bring dragon attacks, bombs, antidotes… maybe heals or mana. Probably heal. See how that works.


BT - Kage - Magni - Grimm - Azlar


This is what I use for this trial. The blue tile damage from the two Grimms really helps. Also, with BT’s attack increase and Grimms defense down, Colen hits quite hard. And last but not least, the blind from HuTao helps too. :slight_smile:

Edit: It felt quite easy this time. Went into the final stage with everyone charged up, and fired everyone immediately and used one bomb to keep the bosses attack down, Grimms are real squishy didn’t want to take any chances. After that just kept making gem matches and before I knew it everyone was dead. Nashgar fired once, Azlar died without firing once, and Elena fired right at the end when it was too late. Just attacked her through the riposte and she died. Used some minor healing potions on one of the Grimms. :slight_smile:


Magni has grown from 3/70 to 4/67. BT is now +19 and with troops I could reduce his mana to 9 tiles. But maybe it would be better to use the troops on Azlar. Would be cool if I had 2 red mana troops, but whatever.

No big broblems against the bosses. Still used one arrow when all my heroes were low hp and only Elena with counterattack was still standing. Better safe than sorry.

Used the trainer on Marjana.
Fighter emblems are currently on hold until I max Magni. Maybe bringing BT to +20 would be worth it. Afterall I use him a lot for titans and he’s still in my 8-7 farm team, in my default raid team and in my defense team. Hmm. Well gotta wait anyway since I don’t have 70 fighter embs.
Babarian Emblems for Kage.


Nice. We have the same team. :wink:

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Still debating if i should use LJ instead of Hu. Thing is, LJ special should be awesome against the bosses but he’s green against 3 red bosses. On top of that Hu’s blinding aint no joke.

This was the team i used last time in June, still have to do Frostmarch last stage so i have to see when i can start this one:


Trial of slow AoE.
Used 1 antidote.

Nashgar not strong enough :wink:


This is my first lvl 30 trial. I don’t have a super strong team (3 3* :worried: ) but in Boldtusk I trust. I only got him recently and paired with LJ I hope I can manage the final bosses… We will see.

I could put some emblems on LJ but not so sure about it. I have some emblems waiting for Boldtusk as well, but I don’t know what route to take, but I will probably go with attack. If I dont get it in my first try, I will add the emblems (boldtusk to +7, LJ to +5) and see where it takes me. Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:


Same team as the last time, only this time BT is +6, Grimm is +6, Delilah emblem stepped up by +1


Item: one antidote potion.
Banking fighter emblems for Magni, barbarian emblems will go to Grimm, trainer to RedHood.


I forgot to bring in antidotes again. I’ve been trying to finish as many of these without nuking at the end and setting Azlar off right before i killed him first really sucked. Then i set off Elena and killed my magni with her riposte by accident. I’m getting sloppy.
Here are the stats.

Last time

This time.

End shot.
3* trainer not slated for anyone currently. I’m gonna build another stash of trainers for my next 5* 4th tier project. Just finished Kunchen earlier today. He made 9 fully maxed 5* heroes. These class trials giving 3* trainers is a blessing


Last time Boldtusk had 6 tokens

And i didnt use any items woooho!


I wish I can say Delilah but Boldtusk it is.

I don’t bring Dragon Attack.

No, only some emblems and troop level. (I forget to use my 4* red troop…)

Here is the current team:


Used Items: 10 Healing Potions, 5 Super Healing Potions, 5 Axe Attacks, & 3 Bomb Attacks.

In Bank.

Ascended to 4th tier.

No ordeal this time, done in 1 attempt.


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