🔵 [Jul 29, 2020] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss

another one, this is my 6th and i’m committed to doing this to the end :slight_smile:

not much change for me this trial, as my only eligible non-vanillas are Sir Lancelot and Malosi 3/70.

the costumes make a big difference, allowing me to bring costumed Joon and Sartana for sniping punch. Grimm is my only eligible blue, and Boldtusk my only healer (would be so afraid of this challenge without him). Elena to turn the bosses’ strength (heh) against them.

Elena was my first target as I have no answer to her own riposte, and I’ve suicided on riposte so many times before that I always plan when facing it (especially deadly given all the high-attack heroes I have along).

reached the boss stage without spells charged because of an unexpected cascade last mob that wiped out the enemies…

Azlar went off, used an antidote. then used mana pots to charge Boldy, Joon and Sarty, then tiles finished off Elena before she went off (she was close to charging). rest of battle was relatively uneventful, Nashgar maimed himself on Elena’s riposte. Azlar went off once again, but was finished off quickly by the Boldy/Grimm/Sarty/Joon pile-on

Fighter emblems take Elena to +6. Barbarian emblems banked for Malosi, I got nearly 300 now.