🔵 [Jul 26, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I am doing the vanilla/costume challenge. Here is the team:

Going in I remembered previously in this trial thinking either “Dude, don’t bring Li Xiu again, The Wu is better.” or “Dude, bring Li Xiu again, she was better than The Wu.” I decided to bring Li Xiu and I am pretty sure that was wrong :laughing:

No healers, so I need to kill fast and keep moving. Li’s mana control on bosses of this caliber is negligible and her tile damage is poor. Need to remember Wu.

This boss stage ended up tough mostly because I had sub par boards through the mob stages so my heroes came in charged, but not 100%. Had some decent cascades Wu would have made a difference on. None of my heroes are particularly high A value heroes, with the exception of Joon, so Wu would’ve been nice. Used I think 1 dragon attack.

Anyway, it was fun. Trial 2 of the vanilla challenge done :white_check_mark:. How many are there, what did I commit to!?! :crazy_face:

Future @Muchacho, bring The Wu you idiot!


Haha, no apologies necessary. The game is supposed to kept light and fun IMO. No need to do anything you don’t want to. Apparently my idea of fun of making things harder needlessly :rofl:



gonna help remind you on that one :wink: (note: i disagree that you are an idiot!) good going though, you still made it without carpet bombing whoo!


This is the team used:


Used a couple of antidotes. Trainer hero hoarded. Once I have the food and iron, the monk emblems will go to Joon (Node 14) and paladin emblems to Telluria (Node 18).


I wonder if I can flag myself for calling myself an idiot :thinking: … I think I get a badge for being flagged, or maybe it’s flagging someone, would that count for myself?

Maybe I’ll try later. I don’t want to make headaches for @Guvnor though just because I like to screw around with dumb things :+1: Even worse, what if it breaks the internet!!! :scream:


No Li Xiu this time; put in unfinished Joon. Last stage the board went bad as always and I lost Sonya, but only after she knocked out Justice. Joon almost got his evil twin. Got a lucky yellow and Wu Kong fired again. Two bombs and some minor Healy pots but that was it for items. Riposte kept Wilbur and Wu alive and the rest was tile damage.

Emblems will go to Joon and Guardian Falcon. Trainer unassigned.


Same team as last time, albeit with some emblems now on Clarissa.

On the bench: Aeron, Drake, Arthur, Valeria 1 and 2, Wu, Falcon, Frida 3.70, Raffaele 3.70, Wilbur 2, Cyprian, Li, Jabbar, Iron Chef BT, KISS Army Tibs, Sonya 1 and 2, Joon, Sumle, Heavy Boril

I lost all of my diamonds in a cascade right before the final bosses. No matter.

I grabbed the above screenshot before anyone died, because I was concerned that they might all go down together. However, Joon had resisted Clarissa’s DoT earlier, and thus was a little behind the others.

Clarissa finished him.

Trainer to Morgan (sorry Agnes), emblems to Clarissa and Joon.


My team this time:

  • Thorne +4
  • Wilbur +20
  • KISS Tiburtus +20
  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Cyprian +17

Compared to last time, Thorne is up 2 talents. That’s it.

Nothing especially notable about the mob waves. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a blue diamond on the board. I believe this was key, as I was able to fire Thorne twice right off the bat. I only had maybe one turn without Wilbur active. When Boss Joon fired, he hit a riposted hero every time. When Boss Richard fired, he hit at least two riposted heroes each time. And, of course, riposte does a number on Boss Justice. Basically, almost everything went right this time through, and I was amazingly able to make it through without using items. I can’t believe giving Thorne a bit more oomph made that much difference, but if it did, then they were emblems well spent.

Not enough paladin emblems to get another talent for Thorne. Wu Kong is taking monk emblems at the moment, but I’d rather have the iron right now, as I’m upgrading my Hero Academy. Trainer hero goes to Justice, who is basically just getting my yellow feeders while I wait on one more set of darts to ascend either Leonidas or Norns.


I beat all 3 levels again :smiley_cat: My team was the same as last time: Wilbur (+17), Sonya (+3), Cyprian (+16), By-Ulf and Chick Jr (maxed). This time, Wilbur has more emblems and Sonya has her first emblems.

I used lots of items on the last level to make sure of beating the bosses. Wilbur helped lots with sharing damage and Cyprian helped lots by reflecting damage back at the bosses :slight_smile:

I gave the 3* yellow Trainer Hero to Gullinbursti and with my emblems, Wilbur went up to 18 and Sonya went up to 4 :slight_smile:


Chef Boldie+14 | cTibs+14 | Jabberwock+4 | Telly+6 | Sonya+6 (w/ CB)

Jabberwock replaced Wilbur+6 compared to last trial. Nothing to report really, Chef Boldie+cTibs+Jabberwock packs quite a punch, while Telly provides meat shields and Sonya is just there to provide some extra wrist slapping and because she’s the only other maxed paladin I have lol.

Used one bomb on mob wave to preserve a good board, and used one antidoe because Richard likes being a Richard.

Monk emblems to Jabberwock to bring him to +5, paladin emblems and trainer pocketed.


Same team as last time (except Drake is +9 and Telly +10)

No items used, no real issues. Actually had plenty of Telly’s minions on this fight, so you can guess how much I was getting hit.

Emblems saved for now, trainer went to Sumitomo since I’m taking the opportunity to level some 4*s and maxing all my 3* costumes.


First time I failed to finish a Trial in along time. Tried one early in the day, but got distracted and timed out. Didn’t get around to trying again, as was doing some other stuff.

I also failed to complete Morlovia in a similar way. This may be a sign that I’m not enjoying the game enough, or that real life unhappiness is just spilling over everywhere.

Sorry to hear that @Zteev. There is nothing wrong with taking a pause if needed. Hopefully life doesn’t have you too far down. Here’s a song someone once shared with me when I was down.

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