🔵 [Jul 26, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

@Muchacho @Guvnor here’s continuing the vanilla-only challenge :slight_smile:

I only now realized how often I use my Monks as their other selves… had to equip a ton of costumes here…

  • Monk Boldtusk for the heal (I prefer the greater attack boost from normal Boldy as my Reds are mainly all about attack)
  • Paladin Tibs to soften the enemy up, (I usually run Purple mono with Seshat and Sartana sniping, so his normal form’s more targeted damage is generally more useful for me)
  • Monk Joon to hit really hard (I prefer the Fighter talent generally esp. as Joon is on my defense)
  • Monk Li Xiu (recently switched her to Rogue and liked it, so there)
  • Cyprian to soften the enemy up with riposte

only other choice was dispelling Sonya, and as there is nothing to dispel…

Benched: Aegir, Aeron, Valeria, Rana. Thankfully, monk Boldy is here to provide healing! And arguably the better choice over Aegir, as Aegir’s defense boost reduces effectiveness of Cyprian’s riposte

used a couple mana potions for emergency BT heals (and to activate Cyp’s riposte before Justice hit)! Joon impaled himself on the riposte and Justice and Richard hurt herself themselves pretty bad too! Antidotes to cure Justice’s blind and Richard’s attack debuff to make my tiles hit true…

Over without too much trouble. I gotta admit, recent showing from Cyprian and Elena have made me appreciate riposte heroes a lot more.

Monk emblems in the bank for Joon to go to +6; not sure what to do with the Paladin ones but probably for Aegir to go to +8 (one Sonya’s already +20, while Cyprian works fine at +3…) Yellow trainer to Kvasir :slight_smile: