🔵 [Jul 22, 2020] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Oooh. Nice. Not in the time stamp, but I thought your name sounded familiar, and as I was browsing my local top 100 rankings, there I saw you. Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:


Sorcerer and rogue are (were) my weak spot. Last time I used jahangir and Hawkmoon(c).
Now a lot stronger in these classes: kiril(c), marjana (3/01, just ascended to 3rd tier for the last round), kelile (4/70) / jackal+7 / danza +6. Left almur+7 on the bench, as green deff down isn’t really usefull when he is the only green hero in the team. Next round will probably also bring sabina as healer (currently being leveled).

Marjana got killed when hit by scarlett and slashed by domitia (or reverse), but kiril kept the rest alive and the bosses debuffed. Jackal reversed domitia’s yellow protection. Used 5 major antidotes (minor would probably have been just as good, but I had these selected from previous rounds), one bomb to finish skittle when she was nearly dead, but had no tiles under her, and one for scarlett and a few mana to fire jackal to reverse domitia.


Nice to meet you too!

I wanted to PM that instead of spamming this thread. However, after 15 mins of forum searching and increasingly growing doubtful about my technical skills, I finally discovered that it is disabled. :woman_facepalming:t2:


No items used. Battle took too long because Almur got sniped early. Other than that it was very much doable.


In the forum only the mods can PM you. Here’s my Line ID (the_pirate_king) if you want to get in touch. :slight_smile:


My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril +20
  • Skittleskull +14
  • Brynhild 4^70
  • Domitia +18
  • Marjana 4^80

Last time, I speculated that I should have switched in Brynhild for Sabina +20, and thanks to @Guvnor carrying on the great tradition of these threads started by @zephyr1, I was able to look back at my post and remember to do that. :+1: Heal isn’t as far-reaching, but tile damage is better with green, as opposed to purple, and the mana boost for slow-poke Skittles is nice. Also, Skittleskull is up five talents over last time.

Mob waves weren’t much of a challenge, and I entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a red diamond on the board. Went after Boss Skittleskull with my snipers (she doesn’t dodge) and took her out in relatively short order. Turned my attention then to Boss Scarlett, and surprisingly, she didn’t dodge as much as usual, so she went down pretty quickly, too. Set off a green diamond on Boss Domitia, which basically sealed the deal.

Shredder Kiril was the MVP again. Almost lost him once when Boss Domitia sniped him and I was afraid Boss Scarlett would finish him, but she thankfully turned her attention elsewhere. Used antidotes throughout to keep attack down at bay, but it would have just been a longer fight with the same result if I hadn’t. Skittles and Kiril kept attack down on the bosses for most of the fight, which was no doubt a critical factor. Thing is, I didn’t notice Brynhild’s special bringing that much to the party, but based on a sample size of one, I’m still pleased with this lineup.

Saving all emblems right now, since HA upgrades are eating all my iron. Trainer hero goes to Magni, who claimed the scopes today and is well on his way to becoming the force of nature he was meant to be.


Maxed Alice last week. Time to give her a chance to compete…

Trained Magni. Need more emblems to up a worthy hero. Nice reset token without using items.


Finished with healing as my healer not strong


Doing the vanilla & costume challenge with @sleepyhead and @Guvnor (and anyone else who wants to)

The team and bench:

The challenge rules out Jackal, Danzaburo, and Ameonna. Only viable alternate then was Skittleskull +1, but left her back as Scarlett drops A at a better value already. She would also be my lone green. It was also fortuitous timing to drop the emblems from Ameonna (who was +18) to Quintus (now +6) last week.

Truthfully it wasn’t nearly as hard this trial as I thought. I am sure other trials will be harder with the challenge. I used a few minor antidotes to alleviate attack down, 1 mana pot, and a couple health. I did lose a few heroes to the bosses as Domitia hits a lot harder than I thought. I didn’t worry much as it was relatively in hand.

Jackal went up a node from what’s pictured. Sorceror emblems to Quintus who is two short from node 7.



No vanilla challenge for me. I just dont have enough of them maxed.


Team of Healers MOSTLY

Sabina +20 Kiril Kashhrek Jackal+19 Skittleskull

Used some dragon banners to counter Big Skittleskull and Scarlett specials.
Slow battle, cos Jackal was my only good hitter but successful at the end
1 bomb 1 mana + 2 healing potions used as precatuion .


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Change: use double costume Kiril try different and fun :smiley:
Other Option
Screenshot at Jul 22 21-23-40


Decent start.

Use some item to finish.


Emblems keep stock, currently focus on bulding.
Trainer keep for now, maybe later for Raffael, but I still keep Raffael to 3.70 for a while, I already have the mats, but will ascend later.


For me it was same as the previous trial, 3 each of Dragon, Bomb and Axe. My team was
Scarlett +7
Hawkmoon C
Dawa the great
And everyone’s favorite Layla :grinning:

I shall keep using the attacks until my lumberwood is all used. Anyway, they are no good sitting in inventory.


Team last time / Team this time

Swapped out Peters and Scarlett for Almur and Mits. No real issues, but used items to keep it that way. Poor matches during mob phases, boss phase actually had pretty good tiles.

Emblems saved for now, trainer saved for now since I didn’t want to feed it to Hisan. Thanks for another reset emblem SG!


Pretty hard battle used 2 axe 2 dragon majority of the mana and a few health.
Lack hitters on this levelling a Scarlett should be finished soon. So not sure who I’m gonna take out the next time.

Emblems in storage trainer to Athena.


First time making it through 3rd stage without just nuking them. Was a grueling fight because my team is super weak right now.

Gill-Ra +11, Scarlett 3/47, C-Kishhrek 4/70, Inari 2/17, Sabina 3/60 - total team power just over 3K.

Dragon attacks, Bombs, Axes, Mana Pots

Was worried worried about making it through the first four stages without losing anyone, but only had to use one mana pot on Sabina to keep Gill-Ra Alive. Had 800-1400 extra HP on all characters around Kish going into Wave 5.

Very little direct Specials, so evade wasn’t a big issue. But also meant tile damage was my major dmg source, so it took a while.

Inari’s special was remarkably effective. Don’t use her a lot, but she helped keep people alive and her foxes really helped the mana generation to keep the heal train going. Made it to half health on all three before it looked like I was going to be overwhelmed. Axes and bombs went off, killing Skittle and dropping Scarlett and Dom below 1k HP, and a couple heals dodges brought the whole thing home without having to touch the dragon attacks.

Might have to find some time to work on leveling Inari some more - Could see her being a lot more effective on a defensive-oriented team.


This is probably my weakest class trial. Used:

Sabina (4/45) - Brynhild - Skilttleskull (4/51) - Margaret (3/70) - Scarlett

Used some Hp potion, had a couple of heroes die at the end, but got thru it.

Up to ~650 rogue emblems and ~550 sorcerer emblems in inventory now. Saving until I get a good 5* rogue and sorcerer to use them on. Blue trainer to Triton.


Brought in costume-boosted Dom for Musashi.

  • On the bench: Icewitch Isarnia, Mitsuko, Musashi, Khiona, Scarlett, Tony Danza, Jackals 1 and 2, Nat 3.70, Ameonna, C Cat, Sabina, Peters, Ceremonial Li, Brynhild, Almur
  • Up and coming: Jackal 3 4.67, Morgan 4.44

Looking good as I get to the bosses! Cry havok, and… something something

Elena taking it on the chin, but counter-attack gets the job done.

And done. Trainer to Jott, emblems to Marjana and…the pile awaiting Morgan.


Finished with no issues; Rogue and Sorcerer depth is pretty weak for me.

Team used:
Sif 3.70
Jackal +6
Brynhild +0
Sabina +0
Kelile +14