👑 [Jul 2020] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Managed to finish all 3 stages; Rare got done after the summon portal closed.

With Sand Empire, War, Knights of Avalon, and Trials of Piety all ending on the same day, this was a bit tough.

I didn’t have as much time as usual, so didn’t do quite as well as I would’ve liked. Only got above the “participation” level on Rare, I can usually do that on Epic as well ( top 250,000).

Managed one summon, which was Caedmon, so a 4* feeder.

Wooohooo, all my desired ranks :grinning:


6 ETT, 6 WE Flasks, 6 Raid Flasks, 3x Regular Summon Tokens, and a Warm Cape + other little things (adventure kits etc).

I am always happy with those :smiley:

6x 3* Troops though, sadly.


First time getting top 1k in rare🥳 Unfortunately didn’t manage to complete legendary though as I ran out of time, which is annoying as I wanted those wizard emblems for my Zeline…learned my lesson about leaving it to the last minute.


Nice job. How many flasks did they take? I had to use 2 just to get 897th in epic but I couldn’t crack the top 500 let alone top 1000 in the other 2

All together i used around 20 we flasks, 20 dragon attack, 200 bombs and axes, 300 arrows, 20 big nmana, 50 medium mana, 150 small mana, 40 time stop and tornado. Empty on everything now like always after event :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow 20 flasks. Takes me a month to save up that many and I still use them for AR since I still need feeders most of all. Well done :+1:t2:


Me too, always struggling to get enough of those since i need some for AR too to fill up materials for items. i am not patient enough, still learning not to waste too many items early on in event.

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Final outcome. Absolutely no effort put in beyond completion.

Used predominantly green teams the whole way thru.

Rare: Costume Brienne | Hisan | Hisan | Costume Berden | Costume Berden

Epic: Costume Melendor | Little John (+CB) | Costume Skittleskull | Hansel | Hansel

Legendary: Black Knight (+5) | Evelyn (+6) | Kingston | Costume Lianna (+15) | Lady Locke (+6)


lol The only one is those I get close to is Lianne but she doesn’t have a fancy dress costume or that many emblems. :smile:

How many monster chests did you find? (Not sure of the proper name of them, the one which can replace an enemy in the mob waves and drops a challenge coin.)

No flasks used, didn’t bother with epic

Rare - cBrienne and 4 reds or 4 greens no emblems on 3* heroes

Legendary - Wilbur, Tarlak, Rat, Lianna and King - almost no emblems


I didn’t score nearly as much as some of the above, but happy with my results.

Used just a few items in rerunning a few rare and epic levels to score in these tiers (did most of rare on Thursday on auto while working), no flasks used.

My scores and loot: (for reference and to determine the cutoff points)


Maybe 2… Or 3…? I didnt do any reruns so was just what popped up on initial run.

Thx @Guvnor. I must have been unlucky then, just one for me. There were multiple re-runs too. :sob:

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Final Result

Target: WE Flask Tier reward, and couple of ETT. Not using WE refill.

Heroes Usage

Rare: Hawkmoon-C - Rudolf - Rudolf - Ei-Dunn - Jahangir
Epic: BT - Wilbur - Falcon - Scarlett - Colen
Legendary: same with Epic, last stage 15 using Miki instead of Colen, I forget Avalon is blue reflect, but surprisingly I finished with those teams.



2020-07-13 18.19.37
6x WE stocked for AR.
ETT: 1x green crit, rest are rare.

My 5th green crit, well at least it can be retrain later on HA for mana yellow troop :muscle:


9xpull with coins: 3rd Merlin, and 2nd Noor.


Thanks for the screenshots. Used as a base
In epic and got 412!

What is easier to get ranked. Rare or epic?

Rare for sure, you “only” need to get to top1000 for good loot.
Btw no idea on why I’m still so far behind the top, no chance to get to the top ranks. Was in top100 a few times, but still 150k down in epic, rare about a 100k. Stressing for me, but must be psychotic for others, skipping millions of boards #limitedrerunsinchallengeevents :smile:

I made several reruns but I don’t skip anything… because I want the stage loot :joy:. I accept all: wooden swords etc!

Holy :hankey: that almost seems like it’s not worth it considering how many items/flasks you burned and what you got in return.

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  • Rare: Top 1k

  • Epic: Top 500 (first time attempting)

  • Legendary: Top 10k

  • Summons: Hoping for Bauchan, Merlin, Lancelot


  • Rare: Used several teams depending on the level including:
    Mono red: Ei-Dunn, Namahage x3, Azar+CB
    Mono green: C.Brienne, Isshtak+CB, Berden+CB, Mnesseus x2
    4-1 Red stack: C.Brienne, Ei-Dunn, Namahage x3,

  • Epic: Boldtusk, Wilbur, G.Falcon, Scarlett, Sumle

  • Legendary: Boldtusk, Wilbur, G. Falcon, Scarlett, Gravemaker+9

Power leveled Sumle, and it was my first time using him for an event. Was frustrating b/c it felt like he missed more than 20% of the time. But if he actually hit when there was only 1 enemy left, he did massive damage.


Only used 2 WE flasks for Rare. I think I could’ve gotten 10-20k points higher easily because I didn’t replay stage 8 and 13-15. Only started replaying and pushing on Epic on the last day and used 18 WE flasks. Unfortunately I had terrible luck with the boards/combos and failed miserably in trying to get to top 500. Also blew like ~250 bomb attacks, ~250 axes, mana potions, etc. Was extremely frustrated and disappointed. Didn’t get to replay or push on legendary at all. Hopefully, I’ll be able to hit top 500 epic and top 1k legendary next time.


If I had gotten the dart from Epic top 500 reward, it would’ve made 12 darts in inventory. Have Vivica sitting at 3/70 (for like 9 months lol) and Malosi at 1/1. The tabard makes 9 tabards total in inventory. Have Freya at 2/60 and Clarissa at 2/60. The 6 ETT’s make a total of 24 ETT’s in inventory. Will probably use them when the next PoV starts; still need a green mana troop.


6 summons total with coins only. Only notable was Sir Lancelot who will be leveled and added to my mono red challenge event team. Might replace BT. Saving gems for Pirates in hopes of Finley, Kestrel or Locke.

Edit: Ugh, based on @vanZille’s scores, I think I only needed 4k more points on Epic to get into top 500 :sob:


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