👑 [Jul 2020] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Gobbler’s stats have been rebalanced. He now has 641 attack and his defense was increased.

4 free summons with coins have produced Prisca, Belith, Jahangir and Gormek.

Congrats to those that got the champs they wanted - I look frowards to having 5* greens and reds one day. =D

Not a big hitter, but got 35,xxx no chest and 38,xxx with chest.

Pulled a second Guin and finally received Morgan Le Fay. Only missing Lady of the Lake now for Avalon.

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I had to be so quiet in my excitement, to not wake up my wife :grin:


Just using event coins - Not a 5*, but a new levelling project :smile:


Congrats, he always seemed like a hero that would be fun to tinker with. Good luck! :+1:

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How do you beat those last ones on Epic 15? I just can’t get over that hump and I need a pair of gloves

You can nuke them.
Li xiu, Proteus and little John can help.
First take out lady of the lake. Her minions are annoying.

I was done pulling. No more. Ok, one more 10 pull to try for BK and that’s it. And I got him! Woo hoo! :grin::+1:t2:


Told myself I will pull one last time as I need to save for Finley next month, got myself Morgan le fay. It’s not black Knight but I’ll take it anyways


This is my first Avalon challenge. 3 free summons with coins and got Merlin, Bauchan and a 3* feeder. Two out of thee are event heros. No expectation for a 5* hero and the result is fine.


Can i beat last stage on legendary? Any help?

I bought the epic offer to try one and only 10 x pull during this event (15 single pulls before brought me only Noor and 4th Vivica):

I managed to pull LoTL (love her art and abilities). I hate to attack her and gotta say, her swords are annoying as fk.

Here is my new def team project:

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There are chests ??? Finished Rare, halfway through Epic and also the first couple in Legendary and I haven’t seen one yet.

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pulled Lancelot last time Knights of Avalon was here and I’m wondering: with his low defence stat of 533, which emblem path would you follow? He has a high attack stat of 756 but, with 533 D, he’s not gonna last long.

So, even though he’s an attacker, would you go defense? :thinking: These numbers confuse me. :hushed: If someone could show their emblem path, it sure would help.

Just pulled Gafar. Dont know what to make of him. I hear he’s better than Jabbar. Is this true? His stats don’t seem too bad and he’s a cleric. Would like to hear more about him. :blush: :vulcan_salute:

I’m sure that Jafar didn’t come from the Avalon portal. This should be in the Sand Empire event. It’s a different event than the Avalon Challenge.

Legendary end bosses (last stage) with only classic 4* (S1) heroes.


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Ive been playing this game for quite some time and have always enjoyed the challenges, of the tiles and hero combinations plus adding newly released heroes and integrating their skills. However, now you’ve gone too far.

In the current Knights Of Avalon event I have completed all but the final stage of epic and legendary. I can go no further. Why? Lady Of The Lake was poorly designed and definitely NOT with the player in mind.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get any mana when going up against her in the Events. Versus other players, it is different; it is winnable. But in the event, with server-powered LOTL, its insanity. EACH MINION TAKES MANA. It should NOT be that way. I can see her fixed to drain HALF mana from ALL enemies, & swords doing ONLY damage, when she procs, but when the sword minions hit and do damage AND suck wads of mana? No. Thats WAY too OP.

FIX HER or remove her from events until this can be recitifed. As I stated before: Ive been playing for quite some time now - almost 2 years - and this is just pure ANTI-player. You fixed Telluria to some extent, you can now fix Lady Of The Lake. I spent over 400 gems to ‘keep fighting’ on both tiers, stacking maxxed 4 and 5* reds vs her, to no avail.

And: It certainly doesn’t help when your latest algorithm obviously works against the player, as well.
Enemy heroes auto-attacking the lowest hp defensive heroes only, and MASSIVE OMISSION of any tiles matching the colour of any defense heroes which have been double or tripled up on (it used to be only a little bit…now it is just ludicrous).
Trust me when I say I THOUGHT you’d fix and work on these problems, hence me waiting a long time to contact you.
But since it has only gotten worse, here I am.

If this is indicitive of how you ‘care’ about your players (get them to spend gems via KNOWING the task is impossible and therefore enticing them to buy gems) then that is shameful. You already make multi-millions from the p2p players so you are not hurting for money. So there is no real need to FORCE players to spend their collected gems and subsequently entice them to buy more.

Your game used to be challenging and fun. This is the 1st time I have ever encountered such a blatantly impossible-to-beat event, especially when the color-specific tiles are so obviously omitted - as has been going on for a while now - as well.

FIX THESE PROBLEMS ASAP PLEASE. I have continued to play and support your game because it was fun and challenging. The OP Lady Of The Lake and the tile algorithm need fixing, asap, so players can get back to enjoying the game. An unwinnable game - unless you are p2p and have spent thousands and have super-maxxed 5* hero teams - is no fun for anyone. And I guarantee you theres more who DON’T have super-duper-maxxed 5* teams, than those who do.
PLEASE show us you care about the players…not just your already overflowing pocketbooks. Thanks and God bless.

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