👑 [Jul 2020] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

If I don’t have any heroes from Knights of Avalon or Pirates of Correlia, which event would be better to pull from?

Through with first run, no replays so far… lacking resources with regard to items at the moment as I leveled a lot (heroes and troops) and distributed emblems. Will not try to compete probably, although can be easily improved. Will decide Sunday probably. Went for rare mainly chawkmoon namahage namahage Rudy Rudy or for some levels replaced Rudy’s with cbrienne and cbelith.
Epic mainly mono red or green with elemental defense debuffer, later levels switched one out against proteus. Legendary went a lot with gazelle and lotl.

Here my first try on rare and epic. These scores are without re playing any level to improve my score yet

teams used


Nice scoreeeeeeeeee eee

I was so afraid of this event, I couldn’t finish it 5 months ago. This time I curb stomped it totally.

Rare: Kvasir+20, Grevle+2, c-Isshtak+3, Hisan, Bjorn+9. Kvasir and Hisan made LotL into joke.

Epic: c-Rigard+8, Hansel+18, Brynhild+18, Mist, Almur+8. Careful mana control was the key here.

Legendary: Onatel+8, c-Rigard+8, Hansel+18, Telluria+9, GM+7. Mana control was even easier here.


Epic tier

I was lazy, so I used my Sand Empire Yellow Boss team to complete Epic tier.

Swapped mana 60% potion in and Harpoons out.

It could auto play all single Boss stages, most double Boss stages, and I had to manually run triple Boss stages.


Finished Avalon. Made 14 pulls so far (interested in offers next days because there is one offer less, so interested to see what they bring). Did not expect any interesting thing to drop, especially after getting Roc and Kage last week but in the end I got 3 Merlins and Noor (who might be not spectacular, but she is mechanically interesting and those lil’ birds are so frickin CUTE!). Now I don’t wan’t to eat Merlins but I have like 6 of them, so either throwing some away or buying extra space.

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Anyone else not getting the elemental barrier chests in the stages? I’ve only gotten one, I’ve finished the event and I’ve replayed a whole bunch of stages. Just curious.


Done rare On my mini belith bane tryrum azar namage
Took mini pots green blue red arrows last battle was hard but managed it.

My main hawkmoon© azar tryum© bane+1 mnesseus same items bit easier

Started epic colen+8 Chao+7 BT+7 ceadom+9 proteus+7 may sawp chao out for gaderius+7 near the end as that what I used last time I think, items small n medium mana small red and green

i have been playing the event all day (doing and re doing the lvls) and only spot 4 chest

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Descent first run through. I’ll go back over some for sure.

Did about 5 pulls today; got Merlin, and I like mana control, so I’m happy with that result. I was pulling in the hopes of getting Guin or BK, as I could use a Yellow or Red project, but I’m OK with a good 4* for just a handful of pulls. :slight_smile:

On the challenge event, I had so much fun with Kvasir and Grevle on the Rare difficulty that I brought them up into Epic as well, heh heh. The screenshot below is Stage 15 of Epic, using two 3-star heroes on the team. The last fight wasn’t FAST, but I picked them to death with bees for the most part, heh heh. :wink: Only had to use 4 Mana potions on the boss fight… mostly to keep Proteus going, because I kept getting stuck without purple tiles.



So I saved up my gems and waited patiently for an event summon to get a new hero and you want to tell me that after four Summons the games algorithm can only produce four less than advertised repeat heroes that were received by regular epic and the season repeated that.

I know that it’s just a game and Summons are random but come on, of so many new heroes issuing repeatedly heroes already gained a exclusive summon event is such a let down seeing I waited so patiently for such an event for a new exciting hero to make strong and enjoy the game in my own right.

Well there are plenty of options out there that this disappointing experience has pushed me to.

I really got to like this game too.


Hello Faithful,

just for my clarification: You did a total of 4 pulls?


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Mostly in-line with expected and advertised odds. Plenty have done far more summons with similar results…

Oh my… you didn’t actually expect to pull a good hero from a mere 4 total summons, did you?


Can someone else please break the bad news to them? I’m tired of always having to be the bad guy… :man_facepalming:


Why not? I will do only one pull and I expect getting Guinevere :grin:


What did you expect? Im playing for 3 years now and never ever pulled an event 5*. Falcon, Gafar, Cpt. Of Diamonds and Merlin are the only 4s i ever pulled with hundreds of pulls over the years and multiple events. And you really expected to pull an event 5 with 4 pulls?


Using 10 challenge coins

Expection - Black Knight and Noor

Reality - Dawa




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