🔵 [Jul 19, 2020] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

decided to give an all-vanilla team a try. Personal rule: can include costumes.

The following get benched: Lepus, Seshat, Gregorion, Jack O’Hare, Triton. Yikes. I’ve been extremely lucky with Rangers, I now realize.

And I don’t have costumed Rigard.

Who am I left with?

Caedmon to dispel Brienne,
Melendor to also dispel Brienne and be my only healer,
Tiburtus for defense debuff
Costumed Sonya to cleanse Horghall (now I’m picturing her giving Horghall a bath like one would a dog…)

last slot left between 3/70 Kadilen, Chao, and a bunch of 3*s. Kadilen gets called in as she can protect against the Chao/Horghall bosses, strengthen my green tiles, and is neutral color against all the bosses (whereas Chao would be weak against enemy Chao).

right. boss stage - Chao is the first target for his speed. He slashes Sonya and Melendor before I can kill him. Brienne goes down next, finally falling to a Tibs / Caedmon / Sonya combo. Kadilen’s shield goes up and helps against Horghall, and finally he too falls.

had to use 3 mana potions on emergency just before Horghall or Chao fired, to ensure Sonya (I didn’t bring antidotes!) and Mel (my only healer) would survive. But happy to see I made it with only vanillas.

Ranger emblems in the bank to bring Greg to +5, and Druid emblems undecided (if I ascend Kadilen, she’s gonna get some). Green trainer to dupe Hansel.