🔵 [Jul 15, 2020] Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

let’s do this!!

All-vanilla team again… though I do have a couple of costumes :slight_smile: thankfully, the colors of the enemy make it easy to do all-vanilla.

And Hu Tao finally gets off the bench…!!! Last time I used him was mono-Yellow offense in a 4* Tournament… oh wait, he’s also on my 7-4 farming team :slight_smile:

  • Hu Tao and Joon to stack against Balthy and Obie,
  • Caedmon to cleanse Oberon and Ulmer + strong color vs Ulmer,
  • Kiril as backup against Ulmer,
  • Isarnia for pain

Alas, was not possible to do without items. I had a Yellow diamond set up in the last wave before bosses, but it popped when I did a Blue match to charge Kiril and Isarnia. Oh well. Went in to the boss wave, specials a-blazing. Hu Tao earned his keep, blinding the bosses - Balthy’s first attack missed completely. An Issy/Joon 1-2 punch plus wave of tiles finished Oberon.

Alas, Balthy’s next attack killed Hu just as he charged… so revive scroll to not waste the special. Used a Tornado to charge Kiril up as Issy was in danger of dying; the defense boost helped my team survive Ulmer. Caedmon hit next to cleanse the defense debuff, and ghosted tiles re-charged Kiril for a heal.

And the finishing move? Kiril-Issy-Hu Tao 1-2-3 punch!

whoo, Hu Tao earned his keep here. I promise, I will use him more for late war teams and 4* Tourneys from now on!

Emblems in the bank for Isarnia and Elena (my 4s are fairly well-emblemed already, so I’m working on bringing my 5s to +6 or +7). Trainer to Sartana’s costume.