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Latest team. Neith is the newest addition to this Trial. She is amazing paired with Telluria. Thanks to them and costumed Rigard, absolutely no items were required. :slight_smile:

Ranger emblem went to Neith for node 6,and paladin emblem hoarded for the 18th node of Telluria. Trainer hero hoarded.


Dropped Berden for second Sonya. Cyprian helped keep flanks alive. Boss stage at end was tricky and I used a few battle items to be sure. Lost Triton at the end but I expected to do worse. Lianna, then Richard and ciao to Chao at the end.



The team this time:

It is the same one I switched to last time where I pulled Sonya and added Cyprian. Worked pretty well. The riposte helps in trials where I don’t have healers I have found. They help to shorten to mob stages. I used a few items on the boss stage when the board dried up after a decent start.

Sonya +20 and Chao +1 on the bench. Emblems went to Tibs and Cyprian.

I did not use Proteus to best this trial. :+1:


Swapped in Clarissa for Lianna so that I could go full rainbow!

  • On the bench: Arthur, Falcon, Sonya 1 and 2, Cyprian, Frida 3.70, Lianna 1, Alasie, Evelyn, Triton, Buddy 1 and 2, Jack, Chao, Juggalo Tibs, Mireweave, Dapper Rigs, and Heavyweight Boril
  • Up and coming: Dapper Rigs 2 4.39, Lianna 2 4.1 (holding both here for now), Steampunk Dom 1.1 (leveling the base hero now)

Got to the bosses with everyone ready except QoH, and a diamond to boot. I delayed popping the diamond until Clarissa’s first DoT had run its course (and held Neith back a turn so there would be some actual mana to cut). The boards were ok, but I did not see much in the way of green tiles, so no healing for me.

Chao took out Queen’s minions, and Lianna put an arrow in Neith, but she kept standing. Athena took Chao down, and Lianna dropped to tiles. Richard hit the center of my line, but ultimately fell to Queen.

Trainer to Dom, emblems to Clarissa and Lianna.


cRigard+18 / tibertus+8 (cb) / cyprian+1 / chao+1 / telluria+4. (Didn’t take screenshots this time…)

Richard suicided on tibs/cyp/chao with ripost. Next, tibs died when targeted by both chao and lianna’s special, but quickly chao went down to tiles. Liana took a few more tiles and suicided on cyprian. Done without items. Trainer for Jott’s last levels (went to 4/64), emblems in the bank for when I have irin and food available again


chao 3/60 out Athena in used few battle items.

Survived! everything to Athena


Used same rainbow team as last time:

Telluria+7 - Sonya - G.Falcon - Chao - Tibertus

Sonya and Chao ended up dying on the boss stage but I didn’t have to use items.

Blue trainer to Boril. Saving Ranger emblems; up to 595 now. Paladin emblems up to 98. Need 125 for the 8th node for Telluria.


How did you like costumed Boril? Noticeable difference from the base?

Congrats! Great get!


Completed this trials with:
Telluria +7
Tibs Maxed
Alasie 3.70
Neith 3.70
Heimdall 2.35 :rofl:

No battle items required, just loaded up health with Heimy and Telly minions in the mob rounds then took out the 3 bosses :star_struck:


My team this time:

  • Thorne +2
  • Tiburtus +20
  • Dapper Noble Rigard +20
  • Buddy +19
  • Cyprian +18

Sadly, I did not get Falcon (or Jackal) in Guardians last month (:cry:), so I stopped stalling and decided to start giving emblems to Thorne along the attack path, so he’s up two talents from last time. Everyone else is the same.

Still about half asleep when I was playing this morning, so I was really conservative with firing specials. For this reason, Rigard had to heal the team during the mob waves more often than should have been necessary. Other than taking too long, the mobs were unremarkable, and I entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a green diamond on the board. Again, firing Rigard > Buddy > Tiburtus > Thorne really softens those bosses up, and following up with a match-four purple (with a purple 3-stack) right under defense-compromised Lianna is a heck of a head start on finishing the bosses. Thought I might get away without her firing, but she fired with her last little bit of HP (and hit a non-riposted hero, naturally). Still, everyone survived that, and Chao and Richard were not a real threat, either.

As I watched Richard fade away, it dawned on me. This is my best trial team of all of them. Better than my hard hitting Trials of Strength crew. Better than both wizard trials, even with Proteus and Onatel. This team… the one featuring The Mighty Thorne. :laughing: But it is what it is. Results don’t lie. This is three iterations in a row that the bosses have just fallen over for this crew. Hero synergy FTW!

Not enough ranger emblems to take Chao up a talent. Thorne goes to +3 with paladin emblems. Trainer hero goes to Magni. :muscle:


Team last time

Team this time

Same team, a few more emblems on Telly. Still a very effective team for me on this trial. I lost Sonya near the end and almost lost Thorne, but only because I decided not to use any items.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Mitsuko who is just a few levels away from being maxed now.


So, one Tellura is good, two must be better right, rght? Obviously duh surprised you even had to ask. :roll_eyes:

Team this time:

IIRC, Triton replaced Chao, and Telly 2 replaced cRigard compared to last time.

Battle was mostly uneventful (aka boring) and exactly like you’d expect with two Tellurias providing constant healing and meat shields. Liana did manage to pull off one lucky piercing shot which killed Tibs (that bish :angry:) but Triton repaid the favor. No items used in the end.

Pally emblems to Telly to bring her to +6, ranger emblems saved for another day, trainer saved for Richard (or another 5* blue if I ever get one).


I used normal boril , C. Boril I don’t like but I used here because I don’t hv other options as I hv limited heroes lol. And I need one counterattacks hero for last stage which will help a lot for bosses

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This time I used
cRigard+20, cTiburtus+3, Cyprian, Thorne, Richard 3.70
Some healing potions were used at a final level bosses screen.