Judo: A strategy for fighting Frigg & Odin that probably everyone can utilize

Judo: A strategy for fighting Frigg & Odin that probably everyone can utilize.


Nice to see some props for commonly available heroes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


is it after the nerf of odin and frigg? if it is, a very good trade , losing 4 star hero to the 5star one…

The Nerf affected Frigg’s DD and Odin’s mana increase. It did not affect the power of their hits so no affect on the this strategy.

The last nerf to Vela did make her strike weak enough that she rarely suicides on Mitsuko’s reflect now.


Bloody Hell, I tried and it worked like a charm! :joy:
Didn’t record whole battle, but in the middle of it I remembered it could be nice to do it. Disregard stupid moves in the end, wanted to see what will happen when those two fire.

This was the team:


Love it! As with anything, it is not a 100% win rate, but if you can get the tiles before they do, the power shift is wonderful. congrats!


Thank you, that is a game changer. I’ve just gone out and looked for frigg odin and cobalt/onyx to raid against - and won them all! Against top 300 players. Using Thorne Glenda Magni Boril and Kiril, none of them highly emblemed. Amazing.


Wonderful … the simple things are sometimes the best.

For kicks I want to try Gulluburtski, boril, c. Kash, cyperian, 3-70 costume khagan, maybe mix in cpt diamonds if they have minions and counter to death lol. Maybe I’ll find one and record it.

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It lost first attempt but neither healer charged (heavy blue and red tiles) and I forgot I don’t have normal boril maxed so I used in costume lol. Will try again later after I maxed normal boril.

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I use Sif for this and she works like a charm. The damage reduction keeps her alive as well.

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Well done! And here I was, wondering if it was worth it ascending Boril… This should serve me right.

I have tried using green and yellow heroes in attacks to deplete the board before they fire and I lost all the matches. This technique seems way better.

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Hope it works for you too. I see no reason it would not also work with Cyprian … Sif, Elena, etc.

I must admit I discarded Boril and Cyprian when I got into diamond and I had so many other heroes that it would be hard to favor Boril over Magni, Ariel, Isarnia… Here’s to a nice comeback. :beers:

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Thanks as always for sharing your insights. Now I need to dust off Borill & Cyprian :wink:

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Just tried against that couple and a bunch of ninjas, works like a charm! Thanks for sharing, great tip!

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I use Sif for this, but I struggle a lot just because often those Friggs and Odins are charged sooner than Sif, and that’s even with a 23 mana troop.

If she is charged earlier it works, but often I’m just too late. Them being fast is a bit too much for me.

But yeah if it works, it works really well.

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I love raiding with Elena for this reason. Mine is costumed so gets the mana bonus which helps. Love watching powerful opponents self-destruct. And yes, sometimes she dies before firing her special (sometimes just as it gets charged) …

I should try with Boril.

Since I leveled Ursena, I take her always against Frigg and Odin. I don’t care that much about Frigg anymore, sometimes I let her fire - if charging her mana means I can find enough matches for Ursena. Odin just kill himself after that.
So, riposte and reflect are really super useful strategies against these heavy hitters on all. :slight_smile:

For this to work, you actually need to charge average or slow riposters before fast Frigg&Odin… that usually won’t happen…

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