Jove or Kullervo?

Was working on my Kullervo and got lucky enough to pull Jove and not sure what to do. Should I stop working on Kullervo and go for Jove? Know that I will definitely level up both but not sure who to finish first. Will love to hear from you guys.

Wanted to creat a poll but couldn’t. Don’t have the option to start a poll.

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  • Kullervo
  • Jove

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Thanks buddy! Really appreciate it.


Why do a hero that is average speed and only hurts two heroes when you can go for an OP fast one that REALLY hurts the entire team!

Personally I’d love to have Kullervo for my team. But in most cases, jove is the right answer.


Kullervo’s mindless attack would be cool. His attack reminds me of Noril. Jove could be nerfed. I guess it really depends on how far along you are with Kullervo. Both are great. Congrats.

there both awesome but Jove is a fast aoe …

Thanks for the feedback. Both are really good heroes but going to work on Jove first.