Jousting, Adding New Skills Cross Training, New Challenges and Levels, New Banner Energy, More Commercial Tiers, Items and More

Jousting, Special Realms, Hero Special Skills Cross Training, New Energy Banners, Custom Buildings

These suggestions are in addition to current abilities and game play requirements for buildings and hero’s. My intention here is to give more dynamic play while trying to maintain the integrity of game as the creators have made it.

Stronghold Lvl 15 or 20? : Jousting

Opens up jousting ability with new jousting energy banner.
Similar to Alliance war except both parties are live online at same time jousting in real-time.
Both teams share same troop pool.
Even if the jousting is done over 24hr like wars. both parties would still use same basic pool of troops, and move troops accordingly when it is their turn.
One side goes then the other can, this lead to some really cool battles setting up great combos gems bombs for our opponents by accident.
Flip proverbial coin see who goes first.
Team power should only be +/- 100 power of each other. Or use your raid calculations even though the way raids are done now continually allows for teams with 400 or 600 more power than mine to rob trophies from me due to such an imbalance of team power.
Both teams give 5 trophies each or some number of trophies or items or gems etc. to joust.
Or have jousting tournaments live where teams give 20 trophy entry , etc. And LG offer some cool items like in other challenge events
When one side or the other gets disconnected during joust event, the first disconnected side looses, regardless if disconnect was intentional or accidental.
If Jousting times out both sides still use jousting Energy but joust is a draw both sides retain entry fee.

The Idea here is for the jousting to be a knock out hero battle of similar powered teams so no one team has a run away, Unless it’s set up with the troops so new strategies and play would be involved to win…

Specialty Realms: Use New Stronghold Energy Banner

Every Specialty Realm always starts with Training / Research, only Rare, Epic, Legendary hero’s can receive new specialty skills training. Every hero on that team must have the new specialty skills training before that team can enter the Specialty Realms and at least one hero must have that realms color of new specialty skills training.
And/ Or just use specialty realms to begin with as places to receive 1 or 2 new specialty skills from other colors or same color for use in current world play.
Every Hero training uses Stronghold energy, this energy banner may take days or weeks to refill 1 banner, depending on hero level i.e., Rare 1 banner, Epic 2 banner energy, Legendary 3 banner energy.
Each new skill is only a chance of receiving just like our hero’s we have chances of common, rare, epic and legendary, but we could also fail to as very slim chance to grasp the material and training, hehehehe.
Each of these areas must be level 20 before the specialty skills realms open for training and research Stronghold 20, Market Place Tower 20, Watch Tower 20, Nature Tree 20, All Mines 20, Water Falls 20, and Suggestions of Specialty Realms are as follows.

Market Place Tower: “Secrets of the Stronghold”(Dark)

Market Place allows all kinds of commerce to commence even those engaging in the Dark Skills. Higher Commercial Tiers the more commercials to watch to get Higher tier items otherwise higher level MPT gives normal level items.

MPT Level 1: open doors to watch commercials and buy special items, gems etc.

MPT Level 5: watching commercial tier prizes goes up

MPT Level 10: watching Commercials tier prizes go up, open up store to for us to Trade/ Sell our items to LG for gems

MPT Level 15: Players can barter with each other for items or buy sell to each other with prices/ gems that Little Giant sets for items and LG as The Middle Man (long shot I know but this way no direct player to player trading. it all goes through preset terms costs etc. from LG.

MPT Level 20: Opens up “Secrets Of The Stronghold”(Dark)

-unlock secrets of the stronghold expansion levels and challenges, as ages pass the stronghold was built over the top of even more ancient civilizations figure out challenges puzzles etc. to unlock the mystery of the stronghold.(Dark Special abilities Training/Research)

The first part as each specialty realm opens is the ability for training and research, in this case Market Place Tower Level 20 begins this journey for Dark.
To gain entry our hero’s must research and acquire new special (Dark hero skills). We Must have complete team with new skills to enter “Secrets of The Stronghold” exploration. This researching takes a hero out of play for days or weeks or months. A hero must be maxed level already to receive this training. Once training completed, New skill may either replace old skills or combine and be used together. If combine the new special skill with old Hero’s may have duel color skills and utilize soldiers of each color, etc.

Watch Tower Level 20: “Ethereal Plains Of Ascension”(Holy)

Level up WT same as it is now or add mile stone levels like already done in Stronghold and suggested Market Place Tower. Now this is an excellent incentive to max level buildings within our strongholds.

Leveling up watch tower to Level 20 opens training research. opens up “Ethereal Plains Of Ascension”(Holy). Again, to enter any of these new realms a complete team is necessary with all heroes’ on that team to have acquired a new skill/s. At least one hero has to have the specialty skill acquired for the realm the team is entering. For example to enter Ethereal Plains of Ascension” at least on hero must have completed the HOLY advanced training/ research and acquired a new holy specialty skill. The other 4 members can have their new specialty skill from any other area.

All Mines Level 20: “Underworld Empires”(Fire)

Labyrinths, Mazes etc. access to training/ research opens up at level 20 for all mines and maybe having completed level 23 on the map lands watch tower.(maybe?)
As we level up our mines certain mile stones can be reach with Leveling
All Mines at Levels 5, 10, 14, 20 (not each but all as collectively)once reached has chance of unearthing rare, very rare, extremely rare 2,3,4 star items and minerals

Level 20 Descending the Water Falls: “Evermore Mists” (Ice)

Navigating water during winter or summer requires skills of multitasking during fast action timed interaction just like titan battles, except the Euphoric Mists tend to slow down Hero’s abilities even those who are fast, just want to Relax in the mist.

Upgrading levels of water navigation can also increase challenge of play. Completing challenges quests etc. opens up the training portal for the “Evermore Mists” , once training completed the Mists Realm opens up. Or, simply upgrading the water navigation level of the falls we reach Level 20.

Level 20 Nature Tree: “Mystic Lore Forest”(Nature).

The Big Pine tree(Giant Redwood?) on top of the giant boulder far right of the base screen, to level the Nature Tree we get it to grow to new heights as we level it up to level 20 and or maybe there are some Challenges of the Nature Folk to get to Level 20 and open up training and research of new specialty skills.

Training/Research New Special Skills:

New Expansion Packs or Levels and or Training/Research only for existing play suggestion areas are, “Secrets of the Stronghold”(Dark), “Underworld Empires”(Fire), “Ethereal Plains of Ascension”(Holy), “Mystic Lore Forest”(Nature), “Evermore Mists Falls” (ICE).
Level 20 Market Tower opens training and research for exploration of the “Secrets of the Stronghold” (Dark). Explore the ancient secret challenges of the stronghold the mysteries and rare items it holds.
Level 20 Watch Tower opens up Training and research for “Ethereal Plains Of Ascension”(Holy) battle our way to top of watch tower to open “Ethereal Plains Of Ascension”
Level 20 All Mines to open up the “Underworld Empire” Training and Play(Fire). Plunder our way through the Labyrinths and mazes of the inner earth realms.
Level 20 Water Falls to open up “Evermore Mists” and navigate the water ways to reach higher levels.
Level 20 Nature Tree to open up “Mystic Lore Forest” as we learn the incredible balance needed to maintain life

Or Just, Allow the special skills schools so we can cross train our hero with new specialty skills to use in our existing world of play.

This would give excellent reasons to max level more of our buildings,(especially the Watch Tower(maybe recalculate how much food and time it takes to level up the necessary buildings etc.)) and it would be extending game play while waiting for other banner energies to fill. This training could use Stronghold energy Banner in the mix and it would be way cool to acquire new special abilities.

If these new skills are to be used in whole new levels of game play and not just training/research for existing areas of game play, then the new special skills would only work in the expanded realm areas for each specialty realm area until all expanded areas have been conquered.

If these specialty skills are to be expansion areas for training/ researching new special skill sets for hero’s to use in already existing game play then that would be cool too, very cool. The skills would be able to be used immediately in all areas of play. But limit new skills to one or 2 random/chance of learning.

Once Hero has conquered all expansion levels or all colors of training, then that hero will have transcended all ascension to become complete and be able to use any special skill from any color they have trained with at same time,(this is the ultimate goal of the special skills school and should take very long, long, long time to accomplish)
Or Maybe limit new skill/s to learn from each color to 1 or maybe only 1 new skill from any color group can be learned by any maxed leveled hero. So the teams then would have to have one new skill from each color group, one for each hero, to go into the expanded realms to fight. And of course this new skill to learn is random or just percentage chance in the mix.

Final Note

Customized Stronghold Buildings: Open at All Farms 20, All Craft 20, All Housing 20
We need a local workforce to do the work, right? We would use new banner energy for building. Allowing building customization is another cool way to extend the timing of game progress, while we wait for our other energy’s to fill up and naturally everything overall take longer we get more enjoyment and the empires and puzzles world grows to new heights. Perhaps Craft Level and Housing and Farm Level 20 can all combine to allow for use to customize our buildings utilizing a new builder energy banner?
Please consider that one or more buildings may be converted as barracks and would be exempt unless reverted to its original state then the custom energy would close till building was brought up to par i.e. level 20.
Much thanks for making an Awesome Game Experience. I am enjoying every minute of it.

Some very interesting ideas.

Are you suggesting for jousting using the same board simultaneously? That would be hilarious!

Hi Lesley-annia,

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes both use the same board at same time even if wasn’t live the jousting could take days but that still cool to have to use the same board LOLOLOL :slight_smile:
I think it would a hilarious battle

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