Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P

Congratulations on Isarnia!!! After I pulled her first thing today (in only 14 pulls from keys, no less!), I’ve been waiting all day to see your post, knowing how much you were looking forward to her being featured today.


My gem hoarding days are for the moment over with the acquisition of Isarnia’s costumes. For the time being, I don’t think we should see any more S1-related summons that will have to involve her (at least until all the Toons are finished releasing, which should be another few months at least). What to do with some of these gems I had set aside.

Astral Elves are here, finished enough for a pull and got me a new Starswift. Guess that’s all the 3* and 4* Astral Elves now.

Seeing that costume was still active, and that I had 1 more summon needed to fill the chest, I dropped one summon’s worth of gems and got a new Berden toon to add to the roster.

Then there is now the Covenant portal, not quite enough for a coin pull even with the gift from the webstore, and again, short of 1 summon for the chest, another gem summon in, and pulled a dupe Sudri (should’ve known), but whatevers.

Still some gems left over, haven’t splurged out on gem spending and thought it may be time.

Tried my luck on 10x on the Elves, multiples of Starswift and Lionstring, all dupes now, and no 5*. Figures sour grapes would do this to me.

Then I also 10x on the Owls, seeing if I can get any more to add. The 10x was not looking good, but I eventually came away with new Juliani and Paeia, plus Bo & Runt came right at the end.

I am now down to 3 digit gems with just enough for another roster expansion purchase, but I should have enough on my plate now with all these new costumes and heroes to add to my already growing backlog.

Saving gems now until they do something to Isarnia again that involves paywall again, whenever that might be.


I see you have a full passion on Isarnia.
Waiting years for Isarnia to be featured, and finally pull her is amazing! Big congrat to you!

Would love to know the reason of your passionate of Isarnia :smiley:

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I would say my passion for Isarnia probably started when I first downloaded the game, and back then, the art style was great, on point, and nowhere controversial or political-correct aiming as they are today. This was my first and only gacha game that I have played, and the idea of grinding your existing heroes can only get you so far and the more powerful heroes are not acquired through unlocking or constant grinding, but acquired through chance was new to me.

Back then, the game mechanics were nowhere near as complicated as they are now where most of the time games were just around attack up/down, defense up/down, Isarnia to me just stood out, she was the only one at the time that had an attack plus AOE defense down for 6 turns, plus her Ice Queen art and ice based attacks just attracted me to her. Her slow speed made people balk at the door, and even after various mechanics and modifications to speed her up, people are still after the other heroes because they are faster. Isarnia is just stuck with me, and most of my actions in this game geared towards making her stronger than keeping her on the bench.

I remembered having used the 3* equivalent in Ulmer for a good part of my earlier days and just waiting for one day to try to get a chance at owning her on my roster, and how much joy I felt when she arrived one day via TC20, how elated I was to bring her up to speed. How great it felt to emblem her all the way to +20 and her C1 arriving one day via HA10, her being one of the first on my roster to get LB and LB2 without a second thought, then just recently grabbing C2 and C3 here.

With the release of Master Emblems, I foresee that she will also be one of the first to get to +25, and undoubtly will be the first in line for LB3 and LB4 when those arrive.

The game keeps moving the goal post back, your hero is just never “done” or go into “retire mode” unless you want them to. Not the Ice Queen, not on my roster she won’t, as long as the devs keep adding hero augmenting mechanics into this game, she will always be one of the first to receive them on my roster.


Ever since the massive splurge of gems post costume chambers, things have slowed down a bit when it comes to hero acquisition, event currency pulls or small single summon gem pulls that I could muster all ended up being dupes, just goes to show that even though I am no where near having the 30% of what is available in the museum, and some of those in the museum were helped along by the maxed 1* and 2*, those numbers in the museum total were mostly 5* heavy.

Underwild is here, and now all of the 3* and 4* costumes have been released, it was time for me to spend the rest of my Underwild Coins, just to shore up some lose ends. I had about 12 summons worth, I just counted 4 of those being Morris(C) while and only needed the first one, 3 Poppy(C). Other new 3* included Helo(C), did not manage to also grab Gramps or Vollermork’s costumes because of all the duplicate Morris and Poppy pulls.

Some other notable additions is that Griffin(C) is no longer the lone S4 4* on my roster, joining him was Tettukh(C), and after completing the coin summons pull that resulted in a Mystic Summons being active, I pulled Zila Lei(C). Still no Rokkamush or Mack unfortunately.

Along the way to these S4 additions I managed to fill up my FS meter again, and going with what I had planned when it happened, I grabbed King Arthur from the list to join with his wife on my roster. This makes Avalon my most populous of event heroes, and the most populous of 5* there.

On the Soul Exchange preparation front, the 5* from TC20 have been hitting a bit of a drought and with an impending one to show up in June, I am not even sure I will have enough to pick even from tier 1. Just hope there aren’t heroes that I would’ve really loved to have in the list as I will probably have to skip this one.

With less than 90 days to go on the current list and no short of projects to work on, not sure I should even be pushing for any more on getting another one pulled from the list, I am the most short of in Fire and Dark for the 5* in terms of number of projects to finish. What is left in the list that I haven’t picked were too exciting to say the least, picking 3 out of any FS list is definitely the most I have done since their introduction, and there are still chances of me getting close to a 4th by the time this list ends.

Will just have to play by ears to see how my summoning attempts go for the rest of the duration of this list. But I think I should definitely save on gems again.

Until next time.


Short update.

Monster Island Pull with Gems (instead of the Monster Island Coins that supposedly can only be earned from Monster Island but were no where in loot distribution) at some point after the event got me Numbskull… Not a very attractive name nor by art design, especially if they are looking for him to be a hunter hero. But new is new, I guess.

Costume chamber in May got me Friar Tuck and Valen Toons. At least these will be quick by comparison to regular 3*, but their specials, if not already maxed by the end will be more of a potential waste of XP problem than their non-costumed counter parts.

Saved about 8 EHT from prior seasonal events, dropping them into the pool of the beach party despite some of the horrific looking designs (that two-headed ogress eating ice cream was the stuff of horrifying degree), the savigng grace was that I probably will never pull her because of rarity.

Mostly returning were vanilla 3* and 4*, the only event heroes were dupes of Jabbar and Hisan. The Jabbar pull got me Aviana, to keep the HoTM streak going for a bit. But yeah, I think she would’ve looked better if she were to slim down a bit, she looks like the big sister for Anastasia of the Magic Tower, again, she’d be a really gorgeous looking card if slimmed down some.

Goblin village showed up again, and will follow quickly by Elves and what can only described as the dreadful Return to Sanctuary event that made its debut in May 2024. The Goblin event was finished, I got my two pulls worth, coins in, first was dupe Boots, and second was new William, my first Garrison Guard hero.

Summer Solstice summon is also announced where costumes will be included, which I would assume to be the case come Black Friday. I am leaning towards skipping this summon portal despite it not containing S1 heroes, waiting until BF will make sure there will be more heroes to dilute the pool and possibly some will come with costumes in tow.

Soul Exchange was back in March was it not? No where announced on the June calendar from SGG, but isn’t it supposed to be June? Even if it made a surprise appearance, I wouldn’t have enough chips for trading even the first tier because I only have 5 dupe 5* and do not foresee getting enough with this drought I am currently on.

Until next time.

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