Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P

Congrats on your Lady Woolerton, and enjoy your Tarlak @Shohoku79! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


A little “now that the cat is out of the bag” moment, whether it was consequences of the Hero Museum being released or what not, it seems that Fated Summons counter will count a costume as a separate entry from a 3* - 4* in the summons portal. That is, if you pull a 3* costume, it would count as +2 on the FS counter, and a 4* that has double costumes in the Masquerade could effectively +3 to your FS counter. I found this out when I pulled a dupe Mnesseus costume last AR, apparently someone did eventually bring it up and now it is likely this will be fixed in the coming releases (hence the cat’s out of the bag moment).

Any way, I had about 120 keys saved up for not summoning in quite a bit of the previous Masquerades, another 10 would be available for finishing the event this month, I’ve at first decided I was not going to spend too many keys at first, but finally decided against that decision and spent all of my spendable keys in the summon portals this time.

I guess from the standpoint of someone who did 26 summons, my results aren’t spectacular, no 5* with costumes, and mostly dupes.

But what I now have new are:

  • Jahangir - This now completes my S1 3* costumes collection (until they decide to do second costumes for S1 3*)
  • Chao - This was one of the S1 first costumes I was missing, scratch one and now I have (BT, Wu, Grimm, and Cyps 1st costumes left to get).
  • Caedmon 2nd costume
  • Kelile 2nd costume
  • Gormek 2nd costume

These last 3 opens up my 2nd costume collection (any *). Unfortunately I no longer use any of these terribly much, so it’s just collections (for projects to work on, and gems for completion). Also, throughout these summons I went around the bonus chest 3 times, which ended up getting Gloves, a Scope, and Darts (not too bad from a Mats standpoint).

My FS counter went from single digits to 59 after this, it’s time to start saving keys again.


GZ on your new additions, Caedmon#2 is particularly excellent!


Not too much on the major acquisition front, but just some slight update since the last time.

Magic Tower came around, and at least hoping for just another FS counter increase got me Dölgöön, my first Magic hero. Another 3* green to work on, after first finishing up Zarola.

More Mighty Pets this month, though they aren’t exactly who I would say belongs in the Empire and Puzzles world, them being talking anamorphic animals kind of gives them a place here, having only Ribbit on my roster, from a Black Friday portal, it should’ve been just a grab the coins and save for future CF2, although looking at that portal, even though I am still missing a few in there, it’s starting to look like I will be seeing more dupes than I will see new ones there. I made the conscious decision of spending the 3 summons saved up, prompting getting dupe S1 3*, and was not really done yet, decided to get one 10x in there, seeing if I might at least get a Rufus to shore up the 3* squad, and maybe grab Easy Breezy Cover Girl HoTM on the way.

No HoTM, dupe S1 3* galore, things aren’t looking too good (or should I say it’s just another E&P day), dupe Ribbit, then I got a new Waddles. I have my first shifting mindless attack hero on the roster. Sorry to have shot down many of your kinsfolk in the name of valor.

That’s another few tickers up the FS chart, 15 away from making a decision on who to grab on this list, decisions, decisions.


Today seemed much like any other weekend approaching day. The weekly webstore free gifts continue to be an overall better acquisition of summoning currencies for seasons 2 - 5 than their normal iterations. I still like doing Atlantis Rises because the Sea Dragons drops are always coins and loot is increased. I don’t put much faith into finding Gnomes (and when I do they aren’t always coins) so free weekly coins are definitely better, and until I am done with season 4 and 5 for their stage rewards, these are going to be continuously going to be better source for coins. If I don’t pick them up first thing each Monday, I’d generally do them before they go away. Free is free.

So having already picked up Underwild Coins from earlier this week gave me enough for a summon, right when I was fixing breakfast for my daughter, didn’t even see clearly who was featured other than more costumes for season 4 5* and still nothing for the 3* and 4*, the screen swirled yellow, I was thinking probably another dupe Poppy and the FS can go up by one, out of all the season 4 acquisitions, she does seem to show up the most often.

The FS counter didn’t go up. I picked up Professor Lidenbrock and her costume. My first season 4 5*, my first season 4 5* costume, and my first overhealer at the 5* position. Not going to lie, character-wise I think I’d find some other characters more appealing than Prof here, I am up to province 26 in season 4, is she even involved in the story at all?

But that’s still three firsts comprised of essentially 2 heroes in one pull, I am certainly not going to complain too much.

It is definitely adding to my glut of yellow heroes to work on.

Until the next time, folks.


A very nice drop! GZ Shohoku!

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