Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P

Having recently increased our alliance members was a great morale boost. Just in time for the Monster Island Beta. Having no Monster Hunter heroes to work with, will have to see how the reward for the effort/resources put in. Not holding my breath though.

CF2 arrived and sporting its usual no classic heroes label. By saving since the last time CF2 was around and foregoing summoning out of any challenge events arriving in between, I was able to save enough for 5 summons out of the portal and 2 more when I finish the event. Recipe for some new heroes right? Let’s find out.

First pull after it became active, new Zarel, Bard hero of the 3* variety. Good start, I thought. Then the next one in got my first Slayer 4* in Cillian, I really dreaded going up against this dude during the actual Slayers event, because he can drag out a fight with his revival if you just keep killing him right after he casts his special. The guy also reminds me of one of the vampires in the Blade 2 movie called Bishop.

Then it kind of went downhill a bit, trip dupes of Whacker, Skrekok, and Noril, ones who arrived during the last CF2 for the first time. Unbelievable, what’s next, getting a dupe Edd to make it an even set? There were still ones in the pool I still wanted for sure. Let’s see how the 2 summons I could get from finishing the event tiers would turn out.

So finishing Rare / Epic got me enough coins for, dupe Zarel. Ouch, I am not so sure about the last one here. I finished Legendary in the afternoon, tested waters with some silvers, dropped the coins in, and I got Aodhan, another Slayer 4*, who I often confuse with Russell. There are just way too many heroes in this game to remember.

Although I still have some gems, I think I am done now, the gems are still earmarked for Isarnia C2 when she’s featured. Candy, D’Andre, Orla, Maeve, etc. will just have to wait until the next CF2.

That’s more red and green heroes to work on, works with the holiday season, I suppose.

Now it’s time to work on Santa’s Challenge, which features its own set of new heroes, will see what happens with the EHT I get from the event. Most likely moving the Fated Summons counter some more.


nice,enjoy your Morax!


Shohoku, sorry to derail your thread for a second, may I ask how you get the free bits of google money for doing tasks/surveys? I’d like to sign up for that.

And if there is a way to send a direct message to people via the forum, I’d love to know how!


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No worries, buddy. I think what I had gotten before were actual promotional credits (like free money) to spend in the Playstore. I haven’t gotten them any more.

Even though there are still occasional promotions around (by checking the Google Playstore once in a while), what I have been given are the promotions to say spend something (with a minimum dollar amount) and you get say $1 or $2 off your purchase.

Now for the survey for credits, I am too lazy to find out how those work. But I know who you could ask. Check with Noble Weasel, Google Survey Master, he should be able to tell you more. Unfortunately there is no DM feature in the forum here. But if you drop him a line in the F2P Rebellion thread, he should respond.


Thank you! Will do, he just replied to me about a post today.

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2022 is gone, another year passed where Rudolph evaded me after Frosty showed up again.

6 HoTM for the year 2022, I think that’s probably my best year when it comes to HoTM acquisition (getting them when they are first being released), as opposed to getting them later via other methods (e.g. Gravemaker from HA10, JF from Taverns).

Even though I am still working on Season 4 and have decided to spend the coins when I get enough, Season 5 coins are being dropped normally and I do use them when I get enough from various sources. So December Dunes I did receive another in Waqas, but I really didn’t feel like doing an update with just getting Waqas.

So after just barely missing out on summoning last minute for the Underwild (game wouldn’t connect until after the portal closed), and striking out two days later with a last minute summoning attempt in Atlantis by just getting barely enough for 1 summon (Kailani), the newly revamped Ninja Tower is here, with new heroes up the wazoo, and look even new dialogues from the new ninjas, and of course we find out that there are still heroes in that dialogue that has not been released in this portal yet, is there any reason to ask why that is? I think not.

But I had enough Tower Coins from the end of the last tower (Styx) to jingle with the slot machine. Chucked them in, I got the long awaited and frequently wondered if he will ever exist 3* Ninja Kinsaishi to put my number of Ninjas to 2, and he is the first one to come through normal means (e.g. from a Tower portal where he is from, Sapphire came to me in a Black Friday portal). I think I’ve pretty much used up my luck there, wouldn’t you say?

One more yellow 3* to work on after finishing up on Ribbit, then it’s back to Griffin again.


Here’s to hoping for a more prosperous and lucky 2023 @Shohoku79 !!!


nice! hopefully you still have some luck left for 2023 - especially to get 4s and even 5s


Between the last update and this one, I’ve actually managed to get one new Aqeela off of free Dune Coins during the last Season 5, and while she’s already being worked on, February Dunes coins got me a duplicate Aqeela, which, used to improve herself greatly (it means fed to herself, and also special gone up by one level).

So having taken Ludwig in the last Soul Exchange, and by my usual luck with dupe aquisition, I normally would’ve opted to skip out on this Soul Exchange for February, 5th one ever, and just keep accumulating for the next, or 6th one. But that’s another 3 months or so away, and I am already once again, coming up to the roster cap with enough dupes on my roster to make a play.

This time around it seems that there are a ton of guess/wish lists, one even more seemingly accurate than the next, and it’s crazy how much discussions people can have over wish/want lists being treated as if they are official. I do occasionally glance over those, but I’d rather save the energy and just do what I can do with what I have control over, and that’s just to keep managing my profile until the day comes and see if I would make a play. Sometimes being surprised is better than knowing ahead of time.

Turns out after skimming a few credible lists, I’ve had some ideas who I might want to take, and I do have enough for Tier 1 with my dupes, and I really needed roster space relief, and I am not really wanting to pay the 200 gems price tag to add 5 more spaces at the moment, so when the list came up, I took perhaps one of the least popular choices and grabbed Guinevere out of pack and locked her portrait up, and enjoyed the 10, or rather 9 spaces freed up for her arrival.

A few years back when Guinevere is still the top tank, people would not have talked about her in such a negative light for sure, but the power creep in this game have progressed so much further than what she had to offer. I grabbed her for simpler reasons:

  • Nostalgia
  • Immediate Roster Space relief
  • I have the least amount of Holy Heroes on my roster
  • Not surprisingly I also have the most Holy Mats in my inventory
  • Art

Now, onto the next segment of fun, the costume chamber to see if Isarnia is featured there, and if not, more keys in my roster and waiting for more costumes to be added into the roster, then it’s onto the next big exciting feature, the Hero Museum, because, there is not that many new contents that gets me excited nowadays if it’s going to be more OP heroes, calls for nerf, calls for buff to those they surpassed, and the eventual nerf/buff (er “Balance”) actions.

Until next time.


How many fine gloves do you have now @Shohoku79

Congrats on Guin


119 the last time I counted.


Nothing too noteworthy since adding Guin to the roster. I have, took a break from HA10 after spitting out its latest dupe in Lianna middle of last week to work on getting the 1* and 2* heroes added to the newly released Hero Museum, the completionist in me will certainly work to do that, and in about 3 or 4 days work, managed to accomplish the task and grabbed the 42 gems for completion.

More resource intensive to max out 10 x 1* and 16 x 2* than I had originally thought, and the bottleneck not being food or ascension mats (backpacks, practice swords, strong ropes), but rather, recruits and time. I actually had to free up quite a bit of the queued up TC20 and HA4 troop queues to make HA1 and HA3 go to work to get enough of these feeders in such small amount of time. That being said, thinking back, even playing from as far back as I had, I don’t think I’ve ever maxed out every 1* or 2*, in this game once, most of the time, I might have maxed one or two with Sharan at the 1*, Sha Ji, Ragnhild, Jenneh, Layla at the 2*, but not the others because aside from Bane being at the 3* (yes, the Bane on my roster is still the first Bane I got from the game), I typically ended up moving on from them after acquiring their replacements in the 3* and 4*, and never thought of having more 2*, and roster space was already a concern even during the early days too. The initial arrival of Melendor, Li Xiu, Kelile, Ulmer, and Prisca (these last two stayed on my active team for a long time) meant I eventually moved on from working on more 2*, the only one that stayed on my roster is still that Bane, and made sure I didn’t become a member of the First Bane feeder club.

After that task of getting the 1* and 2* inaugurated into the museum, I made some more adjustments and Lianna went right back into HA10 to be cooked, and so did the TC20x4 and the HA4, but they did get a big chunk taken out from them and have a feeling the next time Atlantis Rises is in town is probably when they get replenished on a more noticeable level.

This morning had seen me take very many attempts at claiming the free Valhalla Coins from the Web Store, a few more attempts at non-responding game itself, and finally some restarting of my phone so I could actually get to the game functions. Network congestions? Who knows, but I had enough Valhalla coins to drop them in for what I thought would just be another up-tick on the Fated Summon, and after some negotiating between RNG and the server, I got presented with Gullinbursti and his costume.

Which means, this will be my first 4* costume from a story/season side of things, I already have 3* costumes from Atlantis in Melia and Mnesseus, but no 4* from season 2, and this would be my first season 3 costume, ahead of any of the 3* already released, and before I got a complete set of the 3* minus costumes (I am still missing regular Agnes).

This is one of those cards that have its weight felt on my mind. I hated going up against the Piggy during the storyline, simply because I didn’t know how his card operated and thought he did way too much damage on my heroes even on normal difficulty and even more devastating on the hard mode. Also didn’t like to see him during Rush 4* tourneys either after learning a bit more about how he operates.

But like any other card on my roster, he’ll get his time to be worked on, just not the immediate as I still have projects ahead of him, but certainly adds to my comparatively smaller list of Holy WIP to work on.


Nice!!! congratulations. I’ve always wanted him, but my luck with 4* and 5* summons in both Atlantis and Valhalla have been terrible


Introduction of Limit Breaking to the second tier has arrived, Alpha Aethers are no longer hiding behind veils of work in progress, they have been released and the gift message of the free Alpha Aethers aren’t exactly subtle that it is enticing people to limit break, not at least one, but “one” of their trustiest hero. It takes 10 Alpha Aethers to second limit break one 5* hero, how coincidental is that?

So the first week of this free gift release had people frantically trying to decide, or seek advice on who they should try to limit break first, and a large population of the players, just like the developers have predicted, probably have fixated themselves on just one 5*. Forum went for a frantic uproar, people have quit or expressed desires to quit.

Of course, few days later it is now being for sale, the fastest release to gift to store shelf of any of the features I’ve seen thus far. Faster than ascension materials, loot tickets, emblems, and regular elemental aethers. Which caused another round of uproars and disbeliefs, but it’s all part of the plan that started from the free gifts, because once people have decided on one 5* hero to LB2, they have to have more, and SGG is counting on that.

Although my initial thought was to give the Alpha Aethers to Isarnia. I think I would do better to start Limit Breaking some of my more used heroes the nod to make my play through the PvE experience easier, since I have not emblemed or limit broken any of my 3*, the candidates will fall in my 4* group. So taking a look, I Limit broke old faithful Boldtusk and his friend Wilbur. Boldtusk can only still improve from this point as I have yet gotten his costumes, the costume stat boost plus the LB capabilities of those costumes themselves is something to be seen. Wilbur does have that going for him as well, but I don’t foresee myself getting his costume any time soon. If anything, I needed to clean out my roster space of those 10 Master Trainer Heroes that were part of the gift package, and they were only enough to get Boldtusk to level 77. Since I have a slow leveling speed and I haven’t limit broken any one for a while, I do have a few Aethers of each tier saved up in my inventory.

The limit breaking 2 has always been in the works, and people know it is coming as long as the game is still alive. There is going to be LB3 and LB4 (Omega Aethers?), and are already being cooked up in the back, just like Windows 10 was already being worked on when Windows 7 was released, and Windows 14 or 15 is likely already planned and researched in some vault. Instead of trying to be fixated on the best hero to try to LB2, do it on the heroes you have that you like to use.

I still plan on LB2 Isarnia at some point, that’s for sure, but for now, she can chill with her costume counterpart while I still prep my resources to acquire try to her second costume.

Any way, hero update time. I was not too certain whether I will be able to make the first Fated Summons list, and had always thought I would probably end up choosing the second list. Now that the counter has been implemented, it gave me a finite amount of time to pick from this list before it goes away. Was sitting at 78, and there isn’t much time left.

Here comes Challenge Festival 2, one of the few portals in this game that would (a few conversations short of a guarantee) get me someone new because of the lack of S1 heroes to dilute the pool with, and the relatively low number of heroes I have from within on my roster. I have some Challenge Coins to spend, not much, because I had previously spent my stash on Challenge Festival 1, primarily hoping to get Jackal’s costume, but failed. I had 2.

The day Challenge Festival 2 opened was when there was apparently something wrong with my in-home internet that just won’t connect. So went out for a walk and let the mobile network to make the attempt, mobile data sluggishly obliged, saw glimpse of the new hero in CF2, was expecting the Belladonna to be young and vibrant, not old and wrinkly, chalk it up to say that she probably was once young, probably.

Whenever I connect through mobile data, I am almost always getting the image of C3PO talking to R2D2 in Cloud City in Bespin about learning their current state of affairs.

C3PO: The city’s central computer told you? R2D2, you know better to trust strange computers.

So taking this as R2D2 would, I dropped my first coin attempt in, knowing full well it probably would probably end up being a dupe because I have most of the 3* available in this portal already. Out came Orla, new and arguably the prettiest of the Slayers. Riding on this, I dropped the second set of coins in, and I got one of my primary targets in D’Andre, yellow healer. Which made my desire to summon in this year’s Springvale to try to get Lady Woolerton less now.

That’s 2 new 4* in 2 coin summons.

Later after finishing the CF2 events, and having garnered some coins from chests along the way, I made sure I have enough for 2 more coin summons (that last coin took a while). I dropped the first set of coins in, dupe Whacker. Here goes the second, new Maeve. Sure a female Slayer, but could probably be hideous under the mask. But this now completes my Slayers 3* and 4* collection.

Looking at the calendar, with the Fated Summons counter at 82 now, I made a conscious decision of using a 10x summon on CF2, the first time I’ve attempted. Figured I would make a last minute play at the first FS batch. It’s not every day a portal comes without vanillas, I might even have a shot at Phenexa, who’s featured, and one of my possible replacements for Boldtusk, who does everything he does at the 5* with the exception of being a different class. (That desire waned a little now that I’ve LB2 Boldtusk).

The price tag is still better at 2600 gems rather than some of those newer more expensive portals. I made sure I still have a fair amount left for the Costume Masquerade for when Isarnia’s featured, then in went the gems. I don’t 10x a lot in this game, but when I do, I make sure I make a record of the results.

  • Whacker showed up 4 times, there are only 7 3* in the pool currently, so chances of dupes are high, but that’s just trolling.
  • Ingolf (dupe)
  • Sanngrior (new) - This is one of the least talked about 4*, but having her now completes both my 3* and 4* League of Villains collection
  • Zarel (dupe)
  • Zhabog - First 4* Bard
  • Cillian (dupe)
  • Skrekok (dupe)
  • And… I got, returning from his daily three hour tour, Gilligan, March HoTM, my first for this year. Looks like a 5* version of Griffin. Probably treated as one of the worst HoTM from forum talks (in same class with Klaern). I sure know how to pick 'em, or they find their way to me.

The actual result of the 10x isn’t spectacular, but it did fulfill a few purposes.

  • Along with coins, I am done with acquiring the 3* and 4* of two challenge events (Slayers and Villains)
  • That’s 15 heroes out of 14 summon attempts, 5 of them are Whackers, which is a bit much.
  • 6 new heroes to work on and add to my eventual museum collection.
  • Aside from Gilligan, there were no 5* acquisitions, which means 14 ticks added to the Fated Summon counter. Meaning I am only 8 away from picking one from the first list, which I think I would end up doing.

So I guess until they add more events into Challenge Festival 2, which I suspect they should do, because there are currently only 3 elements, we will probably see Whackers pretty frequently. Unless the Bard heroes are a factor, it would make sense that they should eventually incorporate the Gargoyles and Pets into this event, after at least one more run of each event, which should mean the release of all the heroes that show up as AI opponents.

Until next update.


For f2p you’ve got some pretty decent heroes in that list

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Congrats on getting a new HOTM, D’Andre, Sanngrior, and C-Gullinbursti! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


Thank you for your kind words, playing as a collector who avoids 95% of the PvP elements of this game and for doing it for free, that would be one of the best compliments I could receive.


You’re welcome, it’s funny how lots of us end up with different heroes, you should be proud.

I only just found your thread but looking forward to reading it in full


Thank you for taking the time to read. The roster itself is likely nothing special, but it is something that I did build up, mostly from grinding, and luck here or there by RNG. And this is for the life of 5+ years in this game. One can really see there aren’t many top of the line, or not the most updated of heroes. Some of these heroes weren’t acquired at the height of their release and mostly gotten when they were all a part of the history books, but for me, a hero who’s never been a part of my collection is always welcome, new or old, current or relics of the past.

Rather than a simple track of who I have, which I could be doing on my own through spreadsheets or other tools, I’ve also tried to also taking moments to describe some of the news/events that were current at the time, so reading back, I could also kind of get a timeline of what was happening at the time in the game when I acquired those heroes I did in the updates.

I also made it known somewhere in the midst of the thread that I am not promoting the way I approach this game as the way to approach this game to players, old or new. But just the way that “I” chose to play this game.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read.


With the latest rounds of summon from coins done and not enough time or chances to earn more (though I guess I could see that I “could” get one more Atlantis summon out of Summons next week), we’ve crossed into the second quarter of the year in April.

Sitting at 95/100 for the Fated Summons meter. Figured it’ll just be 5 EHT out of the stash (I could get 2 from the Springvale event), it’s time to go in after the summoning portal retired Gilligan.

First coin in, Tyrum. Eh, expected and fed.

Second coin in, screen flashed yellow, probably a Dawa or Bane, they like me. Out came Lady Woolerton, one of my primary targets in the Epic tier who I’ve been after since her release in April of 2020. There was a little “Oh” in my part. Lock up.

Kept going, dupes Grimm, S. Wabbit, and Gan Ju to round out the pitch in of 5. I find that if I give enough chances, seasonal portals had generally been more friendly than any other portals in this game for some reason.

The little warning warble happened on the summoning screen. Time to meet the Fates. Went into the Fated Portal, took a breath, I’ve rehearsed for this action before, and tapped on my target, claim and confirmed and Tarlak is now in the house.

And as soon as that was done, I’ve completed my first Fated Summon, with some days to spare until the list refreshes into a new batch, waiting to see when I could get another 100 in.

As said, the Lady of the Wool had been one of my primary Epic targets at the time when 4* healer in yellow was the rarest of breeds, I am not sure how many more there are. But with her, even with her self-debilitating habits, along with D’Andre who I picked up a week ago. I now have 2 healers at the 4* in yellow in waiting would bolster my roster to help with future events, including Contest of Elements. And I had thought I was going to miss out on her again when I wasn’t even planning on summoning Springvale to save EHTs for Kalevala, and even once more, after getting D’Andre in CF2, and thought that the need for her services had drastically gone down.

But Fated Summons eventually played a role, prior to Challenge Festival 2, I thought I was going to just let the FS list reset so I could pick the next batch. But being so close, and having some controlled EHT spending measures in place, I was able to make the selection happen and not leaving any regrets on the table.

Now, Tarlak wasn’t my first season 2 5*, but he’s definitely one of the most significant. For the first time in 5 years, I now have a damage upper (not just Attack up) besides Wu Kong, who helps provide a higher damage ceiling than Tarlak, but those “misses” do play a toll on the mind, and now, I have another option to go into battles with but without all those misses after building the Prince of the Jungle up to speed. There were other choices in the list, of course, more powerful and more updated and choices, but Tarlak, along with Miki (who I am hoping one day I would get too), just helps with my play style more and was my choice all along if I can make the counter, and no. His costumed self being in Atlantis portal wasn’t going to sway my decisions because I am not expected to get him there, better here than wait for something that might never happen.

So, having expectations of only able to get the Tarlak from the FS with these last 5 EHT spent, but also coming away with Lady Woolerton, who I had wanted for 4 years is definitely a great feeling.


Until the next time.